A scary and completely truthful look into my brain today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

8:00am: Pack lunch for work, eat breakfast.*

Totally still sleeping at my parents’ house after the rehearsal dinner ran late **

8:30am: Drive into work. Marvel at the incredibly gorgeous weather- Sunny, with a high of 68. Wish with all my might that next year will be comparable.

More in the sleeping department

10:00am: Testing the open enrollment websites that the pharmacy processor STILL hasn’t managed to get right.

Wake up, get showered and have a leisurely breakfast.

11:00am: Daydream about vet appointment tomorrow to see how many puppies our Puppy Momma is carrying. Daydream quickly progresses to bringing the pup home for the first time, and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of everything, even poop. Maybe not poop.

Arrive at hair salon with Maid of Honor and Mom to get our hair done. Have first glass of champagne for the day.

1:00pm: Lunch time. Quick Target run to pick up surprise for Army Boy for our “Pre-Wedding Anniversary” dinner tonight. Attempt to curb any impulse purchases. Except those caramel apple Hershey Kisses. And maybe that white cheddar popcorn.

Hopefully leave salon, eat lunch, return to parents’ house to load the car with The Dress, and overnight bag.  

2:00pm: Starting to get impatient and ready for the day to be over. Read favorite blogs to pass the time. At work. Yes, I said it.

Insert minor, wedding-related crisis here. (example: Photographer got lost, needs directions from TownWithSimilarName, Army Boy realizes he has no clean underwears and decides to get married commando. Which would NEVER happen. But be kinda hot.)

3:00pm: Converse with The Yezel about her wedding in 9 days. Be jealous.

Arrive at venue, check into the Bridal suite. More champagne, please.

5:00pm: Still working. Watching the clock…

Here comes the Bride, bah dum da dum….

6:00pm: Arrive home. Start cooking appropriately decadent “Year Before Wedding” dinner. Complete with Champagne and cake. We are such nerds.

We’re MARRIED, y’all. Grab a cocktail before running off to shoot cute couple photos.

8:00pm: Curl up on the couch to watch Thursday night tv or a couple of episodes of our current tv series obsession. (That would be Battlestar Galactica. Don’t stop being my friend, ok?)

Our awesome DJ has kicked off the dancing and the party is in full swing. Hopefully we managed to avoid tears during the Father/Daughter dance. That’s pretty unlikely.

 10:00pm: Army Boy is totally asleep and I’m reading with my booklight. Either A: trashy romance, B: trashy vampire novel, or C: trashy puppy training book. Wait, what?

Reception is winding down. Make our escape to the bridal suite, where I put my new hubby to work removing the ridiculous amount of bobby pins in my hair. Fill the Jacuzzi tub. Bow chicka wow wow.  

*- What I actually did

**- What “Brooke in One Year” is doing


4 thoughts on “365.

  1. 1) I love this post. LOVE. L-O-V-E.
    2) Today (a year from now) you will be celebrating a wedding-after brunch and then probably kickin’ it to the HONEYMOON. Say it with me – HONEYMOON!
    3) I think the countdown in days should now begin. 364…

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