Welcome, Baby ??!!!

I’ve been pretty well behaved up to this point as far as gushing about the possibility of us getting a puppy before the end of this year. Most of my reluctance stemmed from the basic fact that we didn’t know if our Puppy Momma was going to have enough pups in her first litter for us to get one.

We started talking about getting a puppy at some point over the summer. It took a lot of looking and discussion before we figured out that though we needed a smaller dog because of our smaller house/yard, I wouldn’t be happy with anything less than a dog’s dog. Army Boy mentioned always having been fond of beagles, and it became clear that they were the perfect fit for us.

That led us to the AKC website where we started investigating local breeders, and came across a number in PA, MD and VA. Randomly, I happened upon a breeder in Virginia that had a note on her page about a friend in PA having puppies available. That friend was 15 minutes from us, and expressed interest in meeting us. She had a litter planned for this fall, and was very excited for the outcome.

In case you are a nerd, or a bit of an overachiever, here are the pedigrees for Stanley and Ivy. Not only are they gorgeous and from awesome bloodlines, they’re completely adorable and loving. We were SOLD.

Friday night, we got an email from our breeder with THIS attached:

(In case you’re wondering, yes, this is hanging on our refrigerator at home. Just like an ultrasound.)

The verdict is in: she’s having three pups, and one of them is ours. We’re hoping for a girl, but a sweet healthy puppy is the most important part. We’ve got some awesome names picked out, and have started stocking up on all of the must-haves to be ready when he or she is old enough to come home…

Updated : And it’s a good thing we have! This morning I arrived into work to a message saying that Ivy is in labor today, and that we’d be kept updated. Both the vet and the breeder remarked on Friday that the pups seemed awfully large to have been conceived on the “witnessed breeding” date, and now we know why. (The little hussy.) I’m not sure how long the process is supposed to take, but hopefully I’ll have heard something before posting tonight. I’ve been slightly obsessive in checking email to see if there are ANY updates… I feel like I should be pacing around a waiting room getting ready to hand out cigars to any and all who were lucky enough to witness my vigil.

 Updated 2x (8pm): They’re here! Three baby BOYS, delivered via c-section. All doing well. Ah mah gahd.


8 thoughts on “Welcome, Baby ??!!!

    • We’ve got a couple possibilities, but right now our frontrunner is (pretentious akc prefix) As You Wish, and he’ll go by Wesley. 🙂

      Of course, we’ll know better once we meet the little buggers and see their personalities.

    • Thanks Erika! I was totally surprised. It’s a good week!

      Apparently beagles are crappy whelpers, hence the small litter size and c-section. The biggest boy (all 11.5oz of him) got stuck and our breeder knew what to look for. I was more surprised that Ivy tolerates the 3 Musketeers nursing post-C-section!

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