Emotional Potpourri

This week has been a surprise in so many ways.

Initially, I went into it happy and full of anticipation. The job change process was moving on at a good pace, and I had an interview scheduled for Monday. We had gotten word Friday that one of the three pups we’d been waiting for would be ours. Army Boy had surprised me Friday by contacting our wedding florist and ordering an arrangement of the flowers that we’ll be using, as a celebration marking one year until we’ll tie the knot.

(Yes, he did that. Good Lord, I am so keeping him.)

Monday, I had the interview and it went well. I’m guarded, as I’m not really the type to say “Oh man, I’ve got this in the bag,” even though my last job was a very similar position.

And we got the email letting us know that our puppy had chosen the day to make his surprise appearance. And that he was a boy.

Yesterday, we were shocked by the news that Army Boy’s ex has REMARRIED. The guy that she started dating in this post. Who has two children. They have been together for 6 months. Of course, there have been a lot of theories as to the seeming haste of their nuptials… Mom, Army Boy’s Mom and I all thought ‘preggo!’ (as her family is uber-hypocritical churchy)(no really, she and her Mom were cheating on their husbands at the same time)(how’s that for a little mother/daughter bonding?) , but Army Boy’s mom heard through the grapevine that Exey thought it would be fun to get married on 10-10-10. So that’s what they did. Because hey, that’s a great reason, right??

I wasn’t sure how Army Boy would feel about this… Whether the news would feel like the permanent closure of a door or validation of everything he’s dealt with over the last couple of years. Let’s face it: his divorce has been final since January. He surprised me with his total lack of curiosity about the event. He has had his closure for quite some time.

I also got some super news from one of my favorite wedding blogs- The Broke Ass Bride, actually a team of super-creative and witty bloggers, has just started their newsletter. And they’ve chosen to give me free stuff! Go figure! 😉 They’ve got great ideas about how to make some of the coolest wedding trends right now work for your budget. Wedding blogs = porn. I could read them all day. So, a HUGE thank you to Dana, Hunter, Britt, and Liz. You guys rock my socks off.

Finally, this afternoon I was pulled aside by the manager of the new job that I’d interviewed for. As a chronically impatient person, I sometimes find it hard to sit back and let things happen as they’re meant to happen. Since I started job searching, I’ve gotten a couple of rejection letters and heard nothing from other applications. It’s frustrating. It’s depressing to be a college grad and get rejected for positions that you should be more than qualified for.

It’s for a REASON.

I’ll be changing departments the second week of November, going back to a position that should be a much better fit for me. Until The Yezel gets back from her jaunt to Mexico, I’m still needed on our team, which is fine. I love the gang, but am excited to get back into a role that I can see myself doing long-term, one that challenges me and makes me feel like I’m on top of my game.

There’s so much spinning around in my brain right now, not the least of which are the faux-Mommy desire to see our little boy ASAP. But I’m mostly feeling humble. And more grateful every day.


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