We Interrupt This Program…

I have to take a brief break from contaminating the internet with overwhelming cuteness to acknowledge the significance of this weekend.

When I started working on the Medicare team at BigInsuranceCompany a year and a half ago, Genius Boy suggested that I should start talking to The Yezel.

“Seriously. You guys have a ton in common. Including being obsessed with Twilight.”

We did, and we were, and we’ve been ridiculous ever since.

She was there to witness the whole online dating saga, and was one of the people who gave me a kick in the pants to start blogging about it. She’s been there from the beginning when I started dating Army Boy, and probably figured out that I was going to marry him before I did.

Since the beginning, she’s been planning her wedding to Mr Yezel, and I’ve gotten to go along for the ride. We talked invites, centerpieces, bridesmaids’ dresses and the frustration of People Who Don’t RSVP. (Invaluable for me… Because I would probably have turned into a raving harpy and made screamy phone calls to anyone who had the nerve to ignore my response card.) We’ve agonized over honeymoons and hairstyles, engagement pics and makeup. We laughed over the Catholic church’s “Engaged Encounter,” and laughed HARDER at the unexpected visitor at her Bachelorette party. (Anyone want a pizza?)

Suddenly, without warning… time is up. She’s getting married THIS WEEKEND.

And then deserting me for two whole weeks and going to Mexico.


All this was really to say that she and Mr Yezel are one of THOSE couples. The type that you emulate when you’re dating someone, and hate when you’re single. They’re driven, obscenely organized and smart beyond their years with finances. They have insane chemistry. There’s no question that they’re going the distance.

Oh, and I love them to death.

So Internet, I want to raise our collective glasses (of whatever you have handy- water, pinot grigio, cold coffee… ew?) in a toast to them- to a lifetime of laughter and love. May their wedding be an incredible day that marks the start of the rest of their incredible lives.

Cheers, you guys.


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