The Saga of… The Shoes??!!

After finding “The Dress,” I gave my brain permission to take a break for a while from planning my overall wedding “look.” Finding the right dress had helped immensely with figuring out the overall feel that I wanted our wedding to have, and I’m lucky enough to have plenty of time to allow the day to practically plan itself.

Like any bride, I spend a ridiculous amount of time poring over wedding blogs and magazines. They’ve proven to be a great tool, both in helping me to figure out my own style and offering real advice as to how to make our day fabulous.

Last month, I was enjoying one of these blogs when inspiration struck like a lightning bolt. Two of the bloggers at Budget Savvy Bride had featured very similar shoes in their inspiration board, and I knew that they were exactly what I was looking for. I’m uninspired by “typical” bridal shoes, and feel that you should rock shoes on your wedding day that are equally as fabulous as your gown.

(Thanks to Jess C and Krystal for the inspiration!)

Fortunately, Krystal was able to give me some advice on her fabulous shoes, and I went searching like a bloodhound on the hunt. My dress is an interesting shade of “not quite white, not quite ivory…”, which makes trying to match it with a white or ivory shoe DUMB. My first stop was Zappos, home of ridiculously awesome shoes in all price points. It was there that I found these beauties. However, I couldn’t shake the concern that the dark silver just might be TOO dark.

I also directed my Maid of Honor to the fabulous navy ones, because they’d look amazing with her dress.

The Yezel was helping me in my search, and pointed me to these:

They seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and the price was WAY right. I ordered them and waited anxiously for the box to arrive. Most of my stuff for “the big day” is being stored over at my parents’ house, and I knew that these would end up there eventually.

The box arrived days later, and I ripped into it with the tenacity of a child on Christmas day. They were here!! They were… well, kinda stripperish, ackshully. And way too big. And the glitter started coming off everywhere in my brief trip around the kitchen floor.


Back they went, and I returned to my search. Fortunately, the Shoe Goddess seemed to be smiling upon me, and I found another pair on Zappo’s with a small heel and gorgeous vintage detail:

Again, the waiting. Again the suspense! Again the- Wait, I was so excited about these that I sent them to my parents’ house? Weird.

ANYWAY. I got them. I opened the box with reverence…

And apparently I am colorblind. The gradation of color visible in the picture is VERY noticeable in person, and they are almost purple. Shoe fail. Again.

BACK they went, and I was starting to feel like my fabulous shoes would never (ALAS!) be mine…

I sulkily pored over websites for the fantastic retailers that are far to pricey for my tiny purse. Bergdorf’s, Saks, even Norstrom taunted me with Manolos, Jimmy Choos and Louboutins. They would have been PERFECT… and broken the bank.

(Side note: For some reason, now that we have the puppy in the near future, I SUCK at spending money. “Ooo, I really want the sequel to the book I’m reading.. wait, no… we still need a poop bucket/food storage container/cute widdle leash and collar…” And the puppy wins every time. WTF Ovaries, you are SO working against me.)

I was DREAMING of silver sequined pumps…

… because I suck at anything having to do with “patience,” I am currently waiting for choice number 3 to arrive. I have concerns about the color of these as well, but am being open-minded for the time being because they look super-sparkly.

So. I guess the point of all this rambling is to say TO BE CONTINUED……


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