Hey! I’m still here, honest!! It’s just that I got this new job? And they, like… expect me to do work? I KNOW, the nerve.

(Not going to lie, we also made the “mistake” of accepting an X-Box 360 from Brother J, and since the weekend have been spending a ridiculous amount of time playing Halo. Coming home after work and shooting rocket launchers is extremely therapeutic.)

In other words, wah wah wah excuses. Moving on.

The Great Fence Project is finally finished, and our yard is a suitable play area for new Puppy MrDarcy, when he’s ready to come home. We have somehow managed to pick just one out of the trio of adorableness, and pending his 6-week vet visit, we’re good to go.

While the men combined their forces to finish the fence, Mom, Future Mom-in-Law and I went to Chain Bridal Store to pick up my dress. (I can’t speak highly enough about them. Though it’s been hectic each time I’ve gone, the customer service has been great and the girls are wonderful.) I invited FMIL on an impulse as we were making plans for Fence Finishing Day, thinking that she doesn’t have any daughters and won’t get to have the experience of being surrounded by miles of lace and tulle. I was especially glad that I did after the fact when she confessed to Mom and I that she’d actually made her own wedding dress, so was entirely unfamiliar with how the salon process worked.

My dress arrived, it it FITS PERFECTLY. As in I should probably try not to change sizes in the least before the big day. Easier said than done. Though, if I were to take off a size, I’m sure I’d be ok with that.

I also had the foresight to bring the shoes, which was a fabulous move because we could see that with them, the dress barely needs a hem. Not to mention that they are pure magic peeking out from under my skirt. They were a huge hit with all the girls in the salon as well. (I’m sure that the trend is going to get bigger in the next year, but it was fun to see their excitement over my choice.)

It was wonderful to be back in the dress and notice things that I’d forgotten in the rush of finding the “right one.” It was also slightly bittersweet knowing that we’d be packing it away for about 10 more months before we start “fittings” and planning a bustle.

Army Boy’s Mom seemed to really enjoy the experience, especially when I threatened to cut her if she told anyone ANYTHING about the dress other than that it’s long and white-ish. After we dropped her off at home, she went right out that afternoon and bought her dress for the big day. Shopping is a sure sign of her excitement. 😉

MOH’s dress came in this past week as well, and is safely waiting for her in her closet.

The Save-The-Dates went out last week, and the response to them has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone thought the idea was neat, and I haven’t heard anything negative as of yet regarding our “adult-only event” message that was tacked on.

We also FINALLY got the engagement pictures. It took a pointed email, but I had them that evening and they were worth the wait. While I’d have liked to have them for the STDs, I can always include prints in Christmas cards for the family members that I know would appreciate them. We have the digital rights to one, which we’re going to get put on canvas to hang in the bedroom. (Bow chicka wow wow!) We’re also going to gratuitously order some 8x10s to display in the living room, at least until the wedding.

We’ll have the rights to all the wedding pics, which I’m sure I’ll drive you crazy posting.

Until then, have a puppy picture.

Five weeks old


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