…Since Bing Crosby Tap Danced with Danny F$%king Kaye…*

I know that my posts lately have been a series of one-offs… a bunch of disconnected tangents glued together with a smattering of puppy pictures. Really, I figured that was better than filling you in on the day-to-day minutae of the past few weeks. In addition to changing jobs, and our whole department moving, the company thought that Thanksgiving week was the best time to roll out a brand spanking new computer system, leading EVERYTHING to go to crap.  It’s been… fun? Actually, it’s been long hours and working weekends, which I suppose I forgot about in my “grass is greener” mindset about getting out of my old department.

So we focus on the funny. And lately, the furry.

Though totally not in that creepy “sexual” furry way because that’s just gross.

In all truth though, snarking aside, thank gawd I was able to make the change when I did.

The holidays are my FAVORITE time of year. As a child, my home was always infused with so much holiday spirit and fun, that every year around this time I suffer from a form of temporary insanity. Just try to keep me away from the christmas music and all things that glitter, I dare you.

Last year at this time, we were dealing with some tough stuff. Army Boy’s dad was going through a medical crisis, and he was still technically married.

I can’t believe how far we’ve all come in a year. We’ve bought a house, we’re engaged, and we’re adding to our family in the next few weeks. Army Boy’s dad is doing wonderfully, and the ex is already remarried and off into the sunset. Those words don’t adequately express the incredible year that we’ve managed to have through it all- through the mortgage process that I thought would surely drive me insane (but we GOT IT just in time), learning to keep up with owning a home and somehow managing to not stab anyone at the grocery store (my least favorite of the new chores). There were our adventures in painting and fence building, my unhappiness with my job and job search, and gaining a sense of balance. If we’ve made it through the last year with patience and humor, I truly feel that we’re ready to take on anything.

…famous last words, and the wedding planning kicks into gear…

Through it all, we’ve had our amazing families being our backbone, sending treats and making us laugh. Everyone that we love is happy, and healthy. We’ve had our friends to blow off steam with and I’ve had my internet loves, who listen to me spill about it all.

I really, truly have so much to be thankful for.

Here’s wishing you all an amazing thanksgiving. 🙂

*(“Christmas Vacation” reference, for those who thought I might be just trying to start out with a bang!)(I don’t blame you, I do like saying fuck.)(CRAP, now I’m ruining my post about Thanksgiving)


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