The Good News? Harry Potter and I are Still Dating

I’m ashamed to admit this, being the fangirl type that was at the midnight release party of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”… yanno, when it came out as a BOOK… but it took me until last Wednesday night to finally see part one of the movie version. I even had Army Boy texting me, pretending to be Harry Potter and leaving messages such as “OMG WTF” and “We are so breaking up.”

For some reason, when I look back at the holidays when I was younger, I remember a break from school, a glowing time surrounded by family and wonderful smells and RELAXATION.

It was still all of those things. Somehow, we managed to squeeze a ridiculous amount of activity into the recent Thanksgiving weekend, that left us basically recovering all week.

On the bright side, we got to bundle up early the Saturday after thanksgiving and drive out to a tree farm to cut down our first Christmas tree together. Fittingly, we saw some of the first snowflakes of the season right as we jumped on the horse-drawn wagon to head out into the field. Sound sickeningly perfect? That’s because it WAS.

Army Boy quickly found a perfect tree for our house, but being a woman I had to “shop around” and make sure there wasn’t one out there just a little bit “more perfect.” We wandered around, enjoying the brisk morning and taking hits out of the flask my Dad had brought for the occasion, until we noticed more and more people also tree-hunting. At which point we high-tailed it back and cut down the first tree.

The four of us continued our holiday merriment with a “Straight No Chaser” concert on Sunday night. If you don’t know them, pleeeease YouTube. In fact, since it’s the holiday season and I’m in a giving mood, I’ll link a video. If you learn that they’re coming to your area, don’t hesitate to get tickets. They’re a truly remarkable a capella group, appealing to both the serious musician in me AND the Glee fangirl.

In all honesty, there are so many things lately that I can point to and say “YES. That gets me in the holiday spirit.” There’s seeing the Rockettes on the Macy’s parade, and being able to play my “Be Merry” playlist without feeling like a total nerd. There’s also hearing the Singers perform “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” from the other side of the podium that is complete magic.

We also had the Saga of the Hunger Strike Tree, which I detailed in my last post, as well as our date to “Harry Potter” and a last visit with our breeder before the pups turn 8 weeks old. Yes, it’s finally here… Puppy is coming home this Friday.  Please expect to see many upcoming posts about things that I think are adorable. Such as poopy puppy pawprints across my kitchen floor. Oh, did I say adorable? I meant WHERE ARE THE LYSOL WIPES OMG.

If you have a moment, please send some good thoughts over to my friend Hamlet’s Mistress. She’s going through something extremely difficult right now, and could use warm fuzzies.

Without further ado… Straight No Chaser.


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