(The bedroom at La Casa. Brooke and Army Boy are getting ready to go to sleep after decorating their Christmas tree. Prior to falling asleep, Brooke generally has a huge burst of ADD that causes her to torture Army Boy to distraction with pointless, inane questions. As follows.)

Brooke: Babe… if they were going to make a Disney movie about us, which fairy tale do you think we’d be?

Army Boy: …..Wha??

Brooke: You know… we just saw “Tangled,” and I’m just wondering what our story would be like if we were to be immortalized in animation and song.

Army Boy: Remember that I was once a little boy? And shot my brothers with arrows and played with Legos? And DIDN’T read about Princesses?

Brooke: Yeah whatever. I’m onto your tricks. I mean, I could see myself as Belle…

Army Boy: Yes! Because she’s brunette and likes to read…

Brooke: But that would make you The Beast.

AB: True.

Brooke: Is there a princess that’s a little bit OCD?

AB: Ariel was…. She should be appearing on an episode of “Hoarders” in the near future.

Brooke: Right!! And she could SING… but Eric was a little bit flaky, especially since he fell for the Sea Witch disguised as a chick.

AB: I’ve got nothing. Also: TIRED.

Brooke: Maybe “The Princess and the Pea”?

AB: What’s that one about?

Brooke: There’s a Prince who’s totally whipped by his mom, who doesn’t want to give up the crown. So she makes up a series of tests that only “real princess” would be able to pass. Like putting a pea under a stack of 50 mattresses.

AB: I don’t know if that makes someone a “real princess.” More like a real pain in the-

(Brooke attacks him with a pillow.)

(End Scene)


5 thoughts on “Scenes From The Bedroom: HEY REMEMBER I USED TO WRITE ABOUT THIS?

  1. I was thinking Rapunzel…because really, who grows their hair out until forever and then, insteading of donating to Locks for Love or something meaningful, let’s a total stranger CLIMB it?

    I’m her.

  2. I am at a total loss. However, I would really like to be Belle, I often dance with the inanimate objects in my house, pretending they are singing with me and I always go for the bad boys. This makes sense, right?

    • Please go into further detail as to what inanimate objects you make a habit of dancing with. 😉

      You could totally be the Jasmine type, falling for Aladdin… and a tiger would come in really handy with those hillbilly neighbors of yours.

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