Puppy Love.

My Mom made a comment entirely in jest recently (or maybe not so entirely…) that for all of the bragging we do about our boy, you’d think that I was pregnant with him and had carried him to term.

Well damn, she’s right.

We’re both totally, completely infatuated with him. So many times, our conversations will start with “Remember that visit when—“ or “Wasn’t it funny when…” The stories aren’t even necessarily about Puppy himself, but about the totally cool stuff we’ve gotten to see since meeting the trio for the first time when they were three weeks old.

On our most recent visit, the breeder let their dad out to play with them for a while, and he quickly used the opportunity to let them all know who was boss. The smallest, brown puppy has emerged as the Alpha of the litter, but even he knew that he fell in the ranks when Stanny was around. Our own puppy got quite the lesson in submission, though never with scary force but more intimidating posture and a couple of low growls. Once Stanny felt he’d learned, he quickly changed to soothing and gave a couple of gentle nudges.

Seriously, it’s cooler than Animal Planet.

Today is their 8-week birthday, which means that in 4 days he’ll be coming home with us. While I am practically vibrating out of my skin with excitement, I’m also slightly nervous. Let’s face it, this is going to be a big change in our house, with a lot of added responsibility. We’re completely physically ready, but no amount of reading can entirely prepare you to anticipate anything and everything that’s going to come along in the first couple of weeks. Like the overwhelming guilt I anticipate when I leave his little puppy face in the morning to go to work.

Now that we’ve officially chosen our boy, we’ve finally printed off some pictures to display in the house and in my cube at work. I’m reminded of the early days with Army Boy, shortly after the Penn State game when I finally knew that we were a couple. I brought in a couple of pictures to keep on my desk, and for those first few days I was completely distracted by them. I’d look at our smiling faces in our Penn State gear, and think “Wow. That totally just happened.”

Now, I’m sitting in my cubicle starting at this:

And thinking how incredibly slowly this week is going to pass.


4 thoughts on “Puppy Love.

  1. Oh my stars, he is SO CUTE. As someone who had a puppy and then a baby, I can say with credentials that the face of your puppy is approximately 1/300000th as cute as the face of your baby.

    You guys have SO MUCH to look forward to!

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