A First

I knew that this day would come eventually, but I felt the need to share it with those who’ve been reading all along…

A sweet reader named “Gus” left a comment saying the following:

“No offense, but I just didn’t see the purpose of your blog.  Just meaningless drivel;  I feel I wasted a few minutes reading it & just wanted to tell you:  snow, Harry Potter, meals, your boyfriend, Valentine’s Day – Who cares.”

Thanks for the truly honest feedback, Gus. Especially for linking your totally fake website and not having the balls to comment on a recent post, and instead hiding it on a post from February of this year. Since we’re such close friends in the blog world and real life,  I will certainly try harder to write with more of a “sense of  purpose that Gus would approve” of in the future.

More importantly? You’re my first Troll, which is a totally positive thing. Merry Christmas, Douchebag.


10 thoughts on “A First

  1. Maybe Gus is just waiting for the snowy Valentine’s Day when you write about getting a Harry Potter cookbook and whipping up a tasty meal for your boyfriend…

    • A Harry Potter cookbook?!?!! Can we write this?!?! I’ll work on Cauldron cakes and you start on Pumpkin Juice.

      … I just outnerded myself, didn’t I.

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