Oddly, when I tried to come up with a title for my first post of the new year, which would focus on the end of the old year, all I could think of was the state that we’ve been enjoying lately as a family of 3.

My favorite gifts this year all seemed to revolve around this theme, which is a complete and total luxury after the last 3 weeks getting used to a TOTALLY different schedule. First and foremost, puppy is finally sleeping through the night, which is an incredible relief. Though we’re now making a point of going to bed before 10pm each evening, the uninterrupted hours of sleep feel like pure bliss.

Army Boy, in addition to a delicate necklace that was a total shock (as in ‘How did you manage to sneak that home?!’), treated me to gifts meant to be enjoyed together around the home. Movies, videogames involving blowing stuff up, and yummy bath products were the order of the day. Unexpectedly for him and myself, one gift HE ended up enjoying and threatening to take back (Which is against the rules of Christmas and will result in a swift smackdown from Santa himself) was a softer-than-soft blanket that I’d hinted about. His adoration of it made me turn around and buy him his own, which was delivered last week. (After Christmas sales, FTW!)

Our favorite pastime currently is any time spend cuddled in our family room, each with our respective blanket, each in our new Christmas pjs from “Life is Good,” enjoying each other’s company and unwinding after chasing our little fuzzy tornado around. Even our New Year’s Eve passed in this fashion, after indulging in a nice dinner courtesy of Ina Garten’s cookbooks and a champagne toast waaaaay before midnight.

The Christmas season flew by this year, even faster than usual. Granted, making huge life changes in December will aid that feeling, I’m sure. Suddenly, we’re taking the tree down and starting to un-decorate, when it feels like hours since we put it up. Even though we spent so much time going “Wesley! NO! LEAVE IT!” (and five minutes later… “Wesley! LEAVE IT! NO!… aw shit, he unraveled the lights again.”) before we got smart and put the exercise pen up around the tree, I’m going to miss the warmth that the glow of Christmas lights added to our family room as the pup snored in his bed in the corner.

In other totally unrelated news, Furball is 12 weeks old today. In his time with us, he has totally learned his name and the word “cookie.” He has selectively learned the commands “Leave it!” and “Off!” He totally effing hates the words “NO BITES” and uses every opportunity to sass back when he hears them. Let me tell you, if you can handle Beagle sass, an angsty teenager is going to be nothing.

He has also learned to hump things. Mommy is not happy that her preshus baybee has already sent a stuffed giraffe and Mia’s stuffed bear to counseling.

We still took a video of it. Because humping is funny.

I wish that I had something to share about planning that 2011 is going to be MORE! HEALTHIER! SPARKLES!… But we did SO. MUCH. in 2010 that I’m content to say that we’re getting married this year. And going on a honeymoon. Until then, I’m content to just breathe and keep things sloooow for a little while.

PJs, anyone?







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