He’s Still Totally Hot.

When we brought Wesley home, it quickly became clear that we’d be spending a great deal of time bundling up and running out into the chilly winter weather, without a great deal of notice. This wasn’t too difficult for me, armed as I was with a multitude of shoes that would easily slip on and off. Had it been summer, a pair of flip-flops would have easily sufficed. Of course, our boy chose to make his arrival in October, leading us to be smack in the middle of housebreaking during December and January. Having worked both retail and hospital pharmacy, I owned a few pair of the staple of “on your feet all day” professionals: Crocs.

While that announcement would be accompanied by shame for the more fashion- conscious among us, it is merely an aspect of the profession that I found myself in. 8 hours trekking through hospital hallways or behind a pharmacy counter can leave your feet crying for mercy, and at that point I didn’t really care what they looked like, as long as they were a: light and b: comfortable.

Fortunately, I hadn’t impulsively chucked them after turning in my hospital ID card, nor had they found their way into the trash before the move.

I let Army Boy know that he could feel free to slip them on if he wanted to skip the hassle of putting on sneakers for the umpteenth time, but he admitted that he’d already tried and they were far too small.

As the weeks have gone on, he’s mentioned once or twice that he was considering “caving and getting some Man-clogs” to make the frequent bathroom dashes a little easier.

“Does that mean I have to turn in my Man-card?” he asked me seriously one evening.

“Not in the slightest,” I replied, knowing in the back of my mind that I’d already been browsing for a pair for him, and was just waiting for him to cave.

My response was reinforced just days later when we went to my parents’ for a New Years Day dinner, and he saw TWO pairs of clogs in their garage that belong to my Dad. Both were exceedingly manly, but very convenient for early morning walks to the mail box or late night trips out with Mia.

We decided that this past weekend was going to be our first official “date” out since getting the puppy, and part of our outing would be a run to the local mall just “to browse” for some man shoes. The threat of snow almost made us change our plans, but we chose to take our chances anyway.

Our date was refreshing and romantic- it was lovely to sit and relax, and know that the pup was fine sleeping in his bed. We enjoyed some delicious wine and Italian food, shared a decadent dessert and watched the snow falling outside the windows. Then we headed home, where Army Boy busted these out for the first time:

(He totally loves them, by the way.)(Don’t worry, the whale wellies are mine.)

“Are you going to write a blog making fun of me and my clogs? ‘Oh, less than a year of living together and he’s already becoming a slob!’ “ he asked me later that evening.

“Never,” I assured him solemnly. And our moment was interrupted by a beagle puppy chewing on my foot.

True story.


(In the interest of disclosure, I was NOT reimbursed in any way for writing this post or buying the product. In case someone might think I was that cool.) (Also- hahahahaha)


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