Bridal Beauty on a Budget

Even though the wedding is still eight months away, I’m not going to lie about the fact that I’m already testing beauty products that I may want to use on the big day. I actually did my first shopping splurge back in September on a trip to Sephora, and have narrowed down some products that I really love.

However, as much as I’d love to insist that I am Bridey McPrincesspants and must have THE BEST for “My Day”… Yeah, not so much. Good makeup is expensive, and most of the time I don’t feel like spending the money on it. (There are so many books to buy instead, after all.) Certain things I won’t compromise on, like my foundation and lotion (I’ve used Clinique for years, and why mess with a good thing?), but everything else is open to experimentation.

I still have plans of going to a makeup artist (probably at Sephora) for some tips on achieving the perfect bridal look, but the products that I end up using are totally open to interpretation. If I can find a good set of tools beforehand and know that they work well, I have less chance of pre-wedding breakouts (HORRORS!!) or other such excitement.

After my initial makeup spree, I’ve kept my eyes open for similar products that I can enjoy and not feel guilty about splurging on.


Nars Blush in Orgasm- $26

This is the blush that practically every celebrity raves about, and with good reason. It’s a gorgeous peachy color that looks lovely on everyone. Even Army Boy gives it a thumbs up, and got me one for Christmas. I swear he did it so that he could brag “I gave you an Orgasm under the tree.” MEN.

Perfekt Skin Perfecting gel- $57.50

That? Is for one ounce of this stuff. Granted, it is an immediate improvement in the appearance of your skin- you get a flawless, airbrushed finish. For someone with a lot of freckles, I love how this evens out my skin tone. Am I conserving the hell out of it? Yes, I am.

Lorac eyeshadow primer $20

This was a foreign concept to me at first, but I’m addicted to the stuff now. Applying shadow without a primer gives you only a fraction of the pigment, and it wears off much more quickly. This one is a little thicker than the other I tried (Urban Decay’s version), and gives even better color payoff. It also evens out the skin around your eyelids and browbone, making you immediately look more awake.

Buxom liner pencils– $14

I only include these as a splurge because they involve a trip to Sephora, which usually ends badly. They’re more than what you’d pay for a “drugstore” brand, but they glide on silkily and stay on all day. They’re made by Bare Escentuals, and contain vitamins and antioxidants, while ditching parabens, sulfates and all that fun stuff. If you’re talented at handling gel liner, The Yezel swears by Buxom’s gel liner, which is only a dollar more. I tried gel once, and it ended badly. That’s all I’ll say.


Avon Magix– $7.99

A skin perfecting gel? For under $10?!?!?! I had to try it! My only concern with this particular product is that it contains a sunscreen, which is like kryptonite to my sometimes oily skin. It’s colorless, and I decided to wear it in lieu of foundation. The coverage is exactly the same as the Perfekt, I’m just going to hold out and make sure I don’t become a walking ad for Clean N Clear before I give it two thumbs up.

Avon Mineral Blush– $5.99

Can I tell you a secret? The fact that Reese Witherspoon was modeling this particular product may have had a little bit to do with my choice to purchase it. I am THAT shallow. However, I love the natural color this gives me. I’m wearing it over the Magix, and seriously loving my skin today.

Avon Mark Gloss Gorgeous Stay On Lipstain – $10.00

I’m definitely intrigued with the idea of a lipstain for the wedding day, because who’s going to want to keep reapplying for the ceremony, pics, the reception, more pics… exactly. This goes on as a gloss and stays as a hint of color after the shine fades.

Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow Quads – $6.99

If you do nothing else, go out and buy one of these, preferably in Taupe Temptress. This shadow is incredibly silky and easy to blend, and has a bit of tasteful sparkle. The lightest color is a great highlighter for browbone and the inner corner of your eyes. I have far too many of these. FAR TOO MANY. (Not quite every color, but seriously.)

Because I’m slightly boring right now, and most of my waking hours are taken up with work, puppy and Angry Birds (DAMN YOU, Playstation Store!)(Actually, Wesley loves to watch us play, and sits in front of the tv watching the little birdie projectiles fly to their demise. Go figure.), I’ll keep an updated list of what I decide to go with as the countdown decreases.

(PS- These were all my own purchases, and not compensated in any way by Sephora, Avon, etc. )

(Images via here, here, and here.)


8 thoughts on “Bridal Beauty on a Budget

  1. I recently discovered the wonders of eyelid primer myself, and it’s awesome. Shadow never stays on, since my skin is so oily, but that stuff works wonders. I use the Bare Minerals version, though it apparently only work with BM shadow. Which I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • I am convinced that Bare Minerals is made of witchcraft.

      Actually, no… I’ve heard awesome things from everyone that uses it. I’m just more afraid of messing with the regimen I have. 🙂

  2. Here’s a money saving tip for your wedding day…. You can get your make-up done at a Clinique counter for essentially nothing. They simply ask that you purchase at least one of the products they use on you for the big day (typically, this purchase is a lipstick and/or gloss because that is what you would most likely need to reapply).

    Does Sephora do something similar?

    Almost my entire bridal party got their make-up done at Boscov’s at one of the make-up counters (as the bride, I was insistent upon using Clinique). If you really can’t afford to buy something, they don’t force it. You can also go for a make-up trial, and they will write down every product they use so that it can be replicated for the big day! 🙂

    • Thanks for the ideas roomie! I definitely am leaning toward hitting up Clinique as well, possibly before so that I can learn the tricks and purchase the products. I don’t want to book too much in addition to “hair” on the big day. Must be mellow… must be mellow…

  3. Wait. There is such a thing as eyeshadow primer? This has taken my breath away, which is something, considering I just discovered that I can indeed apply eyeliner, at the tender age of 33.

    GREAT. Something else to fail at in the make-up department. Regardless, thanks for the recommendations. Going to get me that blush..

    • Lol, you won’t regret it. I just tell myself it’s “not for everyday.” Partly because of the cost, and partly because you don’t need that “just laid look” all the time. 😉

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