Budget Bridal Beauty, Part Deux

I KNOW! You were all DYING for a follow up on this post from a few weeks ago.

“Did she like the Avon products?! Did they make her break out?! WHY IS SHE NOT UPDATING?!”

… Humor me. I know that my wedding makeup is not the center of the universe. But, I got to have an excellent girls’ day with my Maid of Honor last weekend, and wanted to share the results of our adventures.

This was the first time that the two of us had gotten to spend some quality one-on-one time since news of the wedding last summer, and also a good excuse to get away from the men in my life for an afternoon.

Sadly, MOH hadn’t spent much time experiencing the wonder that is Sephora, so we made that the number one stop on our excursion. We easily spent an hour in there, examining skincare products, sniffing perfumes and trying far too many eyeliners on our hands. I did manage to find one more product that I’d been dying to try, that I’ll be adding to the wedding week regime for sure.


Miss Doir Cherie– $60 for 1oz (!!!)

According to Sephora’s website,  I should be smelling tangerine, violet, pink jasmine, musk, strawberry leaves and caramel popcorn (wha??).  To me, it’s sweet and young-smelling, and what is more chic than Dior for your wedding day? I got a deluxe sample with a previous purchase, and I’m really hooked. The question is whether I’ll be able to make it last, or get a bottle for the big day. I’m one of those weird people that associates scents with certain memories, and I’d like to have something fresh and sophisticated that will always remind me of the wedding.

Fresh Sugar Lemon Eau de Parfum– $24.50

While we were playing around, I spritzed this on a tester. The bright citrus drew me in, and made me pleasantly think of spring. I also like that it’s a relatively uncomplex fragrance.  Clean and lemony. Period.  While it may not be the wedding day scent, it’s definitely a nice change of pace from my warmer winter scents.  My fairy godmother Hamlet’s Mistress gave me a Sephora giftcard a while back, and this was the perfect excuse to finally use it.


Avon Magix:

The verdict is in: Magix is a go!  After a week of wearing it, I didn’t notice my complexion worsening due to the sunscreen in it. I also let Momma Darcy, who splurged on Perfekt with me, try it out, and she agreed that the result is identical to the more expensive pore perfecting gel. A win! I’ll be following up with a trial of their Magix Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation, to see if that’s even better than the colorless gel. At $11, it’s a steal compared to my typical foundation.

Also, Avon is TOTALLY not your Mom’s Avon anymore. You don’t have to “have an in” or “know somebody” to shop- you can just go online. WIN!

Benefit High Beam to Go– $10

I wanted to try this illuminator before the wedding, to see if it could give me the appropriate “bridey” glow without making me look like I’m going to a middle school dance. I think that it takes some skill to apply so that you get the most natural effect, but it does give the areas you choose to highlight a healthy-looking shine. This tube comes with an easy applicator, which seems that it would be more exact than the brush in the full-size bottle.

I also recently purchased one of the Sephora collection  makeup pallets containing eyeshadow, blush and gloss in a ridiculous amount of shades. I’m thinking of possibly trying to condense to using only that for the honeymoon, instead of bringing my usual 5 varieties of shadow, 3 blushes,  umpteen lip glosses, etc… I’ll have to see how THAT goes.

(“OH NO!” you cringe. “ANOTHER potential post about MAKEUP! Why do I read this blog again?!”)

(Haha, I don’t know. Because I’m charming?)

(Also possibly crazy.)

*all products were purchased with my own money, and i was not in any way compensated for writing this post*


5 thoughts on “Budget Bridal Beauty, Part Deux

    • I’m glad you both like it, Shawn and Erika… I feel almost silly about picking one just for that day… but again, I’m so olfactory! I have perfumes that I can’t ever wear again because they remind me too much of where I was at the time. eeew.

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