The Stomach Flu is not a Valid Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Regimen. Also, I May Have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Shit. I really need to stop with the descriptive post titles, since I basically told you EVERYTHING. Right THERE.

Let’s just say that March truly lived up to its reputation of coming in like a lion, and knocked me flat for the better part of last week. There were all kinds of hijinks involving the local ER, lots of iv fluids and meds, and many days off work. And it was not remotely fun.

I am not sad to see last week in the rearview mirror, let me tell you. Now we just cross our fingers that Momma Darcy and Army Boy, who were my lovely nurses (No really… the first stomach bug together is a fabulous test of whether you should actually be getting married. UGH.) don’t end up with my affliction.

In the interest of being totally honest with the bloggy world, there’s a bit of the “grass is greener” coming into play with the new position, which was started in October. I don’t doubt that I got out of the last one in the nick of time, but there are “other” things going on right now that are very “big brother” and shady. For the time being, I like the job I’m doing and am in a position to take the wedding time off that I need, and that is where I’ll cool my heels.

I have no desire to get Dooce’d (unless it should happen to work out as fabulously for me as it has for her) and will keep my thoughts on the subject to a minimum. Other than to say that unfortunately, when you are planning a wedding, you are sometimes required to deal with wedding business DURING the business day. As long as it’s not GREATLY compromising your ability to work (and easily trackable stats would show that it is not), there should be no issue.

This is to say that should I seem to be less available than even previously, it’s not because I don’t love you all. I am just… balancing.

Let’s leave that unhappy topic, shall we?

Toward the end of February, we reached the point where I was starting to feel under the gun about booking for the honeymoon. Way back when we decided that the wedding was going to be in October, we wrote off the possibility of travel to the Caribbean. The anxiety over whether our trip would be lousy because of hurricane season wasn’t a risk that we were willing to take.

We started getting creative, trying to come up with destinations that would fit our definition of “honeymoon” without the threat of possible catastrophic weather. We were able to rule out a cruise right away, as that was basically the same problem AND the trip that Army Boy took the first time around (awkward!). Because of some of the recent gang activity in Mexico, he felt pretty strongly that we should avoid heading that direction as well.

My criteria was pretty vague- I wanted us to get pampered (massages please!) and I’ve always held to the preprogrammed notion that a honeymoon is supposed to involve swimming and relaxing. With our ruled-out destinations, I started to get creative in pondering some trips that we could take within the US, in October, that could fit the bill.

My first thought was of the fabulous trip my family took to Lake Placid a few summers ago. Although it didn’t necessarily fit my mental picture of us lounging in the sun, I knew that the resort that we stayed at had a gorgeous indoor pool and hot tub, plus Jacuzzi tubs in the rooms we’d be staying in. And an incredible spa. And amazing food. The only downside to that trip would be the cost. We couldn’t swing a very long honeymoon at that particular resort.

Being the nerd that I am (I KNOW YOU ARE SHOCKED), my next thought was of Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I must go there, quite simply put. Army Boy has never been to Disney, so the idea began to take shape of a combination trip to both parks. We’d stay on the Disney property and make use of their awesome transportation system, but make sure to work in a day or two at Universal, AND a day to do nothing but relax, swim, spa, or otherwise enjoy being in Florida.

It seemed like the perfect solution to our honeymoon dilemma, and I went ahead and bought the 2011 Disney guidebook to begin planning our adventure to the letter.

However, that didn’t stop me from occasionally checking out other wild ideas that came to mind. A certain Mexican resort was ranked top on Trip Advisor? Checked it out. The Yezel had an amazing time on her honeymoon and is already booked to go back for her anniversary?! Checked THAT out. Ooo, a romantic resort in Canada. Must research.

Army Boy observed my research with amusement, often stating “you really have no idea where you want to go.”

“Yes HUH,” I’d retort. “We’re going to Florida.” (I am eloquent and also mature.)

Did it occasionally cross my mind that spending your Sexfest Honeymoon with a crapload of other people’s kidlets might not be the most romantic thing? Possibly. But there’s Epcot! Kids hate World Showcase, and I love it! And I looked up hotel rooms further from the main transport lines, and thus less likely to be hot spots for families with little ones! And! And! We were going to MAKE it romantic, dammit. And have an amazing time!

It may not have helped the issue that I was doing a lot of my planning during the months when we’ve been hit with winter weather, and when sun exposure is at a low. The lack of vitamin D to my brain started to make me question whether Disney was, in fact, the right honeymoon choice. Both for us and for me.

In a lot of the wedding planning thus far, there’s been a little voice in the back of my head that likes to chime in at inconvenient times. It usually says exactly the same thing, with minor variation:

“When you look back at the wedding, do you want to remember… [wearing this dress, feeling like you should have lost weight, a Disney honeymoon]”

I hate that voice.

But sometimes, it may have a point. The true question was: Should I listen to it, or was I just in the grip of February madness?! Would all things seem happy and bright again after we were able to spend more time out of the house, not gazing out and rain and snow? Or, as the title suggests, am I suffering from a combination of Seasonal Affective Disorder* and Extreme Indecision?**

We reached a solution. But I’ve gone on long enough in this particular post.




*- This is not in any way meant to be disparaging to those who deal with depression. Having come out the other side myself, I’m with you.

**– Poor, poor Army Boy.


2 thoughts on “The Stomach Flu is not a Valid Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Regimen. Also, I May Have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

  1. I may have mentioned this before, but my official honeymoon was mountain climbing in the Sierras for three days with English hubby and two of his buddies. But… we took the romantic honeymoon about eight months later to Italy. So I say book that Disney holiday! And when the weather is appropriate, get a cheapie deal to the islands, mon and soak up the sun…

    (hope you’re feeling better…)

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