Where In The World Is TxtingMrDarcy?!

When we last left our decisionally-challenged heroine (aka ME), she was being a pain in the ass and trying to figure out if Disney was the best choice of a place to totally defile with honeymoon sex spend her honeymoon with Army Boy.

Because the self-imposed deadline of when we wanted the trip booked was fast approaching, I threw myself into organizing the details. I pored through all of the restaurant reviews in my guidebook, planning out where we were most likely to get a nice romantic meal as a break from the shenanigans of the day. I stalked the Disney website keeping my eyes peeled for vacation deals that would apply to our travel dates. We had days allocated to spend at Universal Studios, a day to just relax and enjoy one of the spas on the Disney Resorts. I basically had everything planned to the letter.

Army Boy and I sat down one evening and priced out the trip with everything included, and we’d constructed our own version of an all-inclusive vacation, at Disney. Then we added airfare.

And I stared.

And stared.

“Really? That much? For DISNEY? We could go ANYWHERE for that!” I exclaimed indignantly.

“Uh oh,” Army boy agreed, realizing that the door had suddenly been thrown wide open again. “What’s really bothering you, babe?”

“I know that we’re going to get to take more vacations together, lots more… But this is THE ONE. The trip that we get to splurge on before we have even more strings holding us home in PA.”

“That’s very true. And you know that I’m up to going anywhere,” he chimed in, thinking he was being agreeable.

“Not helping!!! I’ve been looking into this stuff for MONTHS, and most of the feedback I’ve gotten from you has been “whatever you want. Where-ever you think is best.” I need Help!” At that moment, I realized I’d officially come down with a case of bride-brain, and needed real feedback from my partner in crime if we were ever going to book a honeymoon.

“Ok. Well, we know the Caribbean is out. So that’s a help. I’m not a huge fan of Mexico, but I’d go if you saw someplace that you really loved,” Army Boy started, somehow remaining rational in the face of my outburst. “I’ve never done Disney, and I know that we can squeeze in some relaxing by the pool in between our trips to the parks. If you’re not totally sold on the idea, we still do have time.”

“But, I’m Princess Type A! We need it booked NOW! So that I can make all our dining reservations at 6 months out like the recommend! And- and…But at the same time, I’m 27, and I’ve never left the country! That makes me a loser.”

He laughed. “It does not.”

“Says YOU, who got to go all over the place.”

“Ok, Iraq totally doesn’t count.”

“But you got to take that trip in high school to France and Italy and-“

“Point taken. Babe, if you want to use this chance to GO somewhere, let’s do it. You can take a couple of days just to look at your other options again, and make sure that you’re 100% on Disney. I don’t care WHERE we go, I just care that we’ll be married when we go there.” With that, my brain stopped exploding, and got jump-started back into plotting planning mode.

The next day, I decided just to see where the Interwebs took me, and clicked over to some Travel sites of the larger webpages. Somehow I ended up on the Travel Channel website, and decided to narrow my options down simply by clicking around through their “Places and Trips” pages.

Europe seemed like as good a place to start as any. I remembered talking to The Yezel about some of her requirements for a honeymoon. She wanted somewhere beautiful where they could relax, but also somewhere with a sense of history where she could learn something. They chose Riviera Maya in Mexico, and spent time on their honeymoon exploring the Mayan ruins. She also unknowingly provided me with the perfect example of how one should feel when planning a honeymoon- ridiculously excited. We counted down the days at work until she’d be lounging on a beach in Mexico, and now we’re excitedly waiting to put in our joint “time-off” requests for my honeymoon and her anniversary trip. (She and Mr Yezel got married the weekend after we’re booked to walk down the aisle.)

I have a pretty deep passion for all things Henry VIII, so I decided I should start my search in England. I could see us spending our days following the steps of the royal court and visiting some of the great historical sights. Plus, I have some fabulous blog cousins over there that could show Army Boy and I some “insider” fun.

The “Honeymoon!” bell in the back of my mind didn’t quite go off with the browsing I was doing, so I scratched England off the list. For now.

At this point, I have no desire to travel to France, and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Italy (it goes back to my college opera days and the fact that Italy is basically amazing)… but not quite yet. I’m content waiting to make Italy a celebration for one of our future anniversaries.

Then, I clicked a link and the excitement alarm started to go off. The more I clicked and investigated, the more excited I got. Between viewing sites for hotels, and running tests of airfare through popular travel sites, I realized that I’d found a perfect option.

I just had to convince Army Boy…. Or did I??


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