Enough Already!

For those that are my facebook friends, you’ve probably already found out where the final honeymoon choice was. Because you should never tell family anything if you want to be cheeky and keep it secret on your blog for any reason. 😉

No really. I had a status update of “So Psyched to be getting a PASSPORT!” and fam commented “BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO ———!!!”


I also realized that my powers of being mysterious are considerably less than I thought they were, as I’ve left some of you downright confused. This is why I should not quit my day job.

To sum up: Disney was out. England was out. Italy, also out.

However, when I saw that airfare to Dublin, Ireland was approximately the same as airfare to Disney, with lodging considerably less (including breakfast and dinner!), I texted Army Boy, practically vibrating with excitement.

“I think I may have found our honeymoon!!! Show you when we get home!”

We didn’t even bother to start dinner that night, going straight to the computer instead and looking at what I’d found. I showed him the hotel I’d picked, and the flight, and he had a very valid idea to look at what it would cost to fly to Shannon instead of Dublin.

“Can I please book? Right now? Before it gets more expensive?!” I pleaded.

“Whoa!! Put the brakes on! This is so not like you… to book a flight with out doing all kinds of research and planning?”

“That’s what makes it fun! And spontaneous! We have 7 months to figure out the other logistics, but incredible airfare and lodging in IRELAND isn’t something to putz around about,” I reasoned.

“Here’s the deal: We’ll look at hotels to make sure we’re totally certain, and I’ll grab a calling card. Then we can call and book Saturday morning if you’re still 100%,” he offered.

We looked, we read, we researched, and made the decision to call Ireland first thing in the morning.

Then, of course, I woke up at 2am with the beginning of the Pirrhana Flu. My first thought was “Oh nooooo, it’s my dad’s birthday today! I can’t be getting sick!”, followed rapidly by “Noooo, we were supposed to call Ireland in the morning!!”

Fast forward through 48 hours of total NON-FUN, to Monday morning when we finally got to make the call and book our room… I tried my hardest not to *squee!* when the front desk at the hotel picked up, and I got to announce “Yes, I need to book a room for my honeymoon?” Or to *squee!* yet again at any point in the conversation when the lovely woman on the other end answered with her totally delicious accent.

So. To sum up what I somehow dragged out into 3 posts, we’re looking forward to 7 days and 6 nights on the Emerald Isle, departing the Monday after we become newlyweds! And I finally get to say that I’ll be leaving the continental US for a real adventure. 🙂

And yes, I totally have the “ridiculously excited” feeling that I was hoping for. I mean, we’re going to be HERE:

(Possibly related:  I am a brat. )

(But a brat that is going to IRELAND.)


images via Google images


7 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. please tell me that you will rent a car and drive to the west coast and see the cliffs of mohr and connemara and stay for a night in a quaint little B&B. Because Ireland just wouldn’t be Ireland otherwise.
    (congratulations! I know you’ll have a fabulous trip!)

    • We’re staying on Sky Road on the west coast, Mosey!! 🙂 I’m so glad you approve of our choice… I knew I wanted to see the wild and wonderful parts of Ireland, rather than the civilized areas. And I’m DYING of excitement.

  2. I was there last February. It was beautiful! Def rent a car and go to the cliffs. I have pics on my blog from last feb 2010, i had a great time. The food though, umm… thats another story!

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