“Do you watch ‘Glee’?”

“No… So-and-so does.”

“Well, they did original songs last night. It was pretty great. One of the girls sang one called ‘Hell to the No.’”

“Do I want to know what that’s about?”

“Just attitude. Oh, and they had two high school boys kissing.”

“WHAT?! This is why I don’t watch ‘Glee.’”

“Right?! I was like, ‘Um, it’s 8:30… too early for this trash.’ Fortunately, my daughter was texting and not paying attention.”


“Because… they like each other?”

Yeah, that just happened here in the Frat House. And I’m not going to lie… both of those people just dropped a WHOLE SHIT-TON in my esteem. In addition to the disappointment I feel toward those individuals, there’s lingering sadness. Are we really still so far behind? These comments, coming from supposedly “educated” people, cast a shadow on my mood this morning.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I LOVE ‘Glee,’ and think it’s one of the most important shows on television right now. Chris Colfer as Kurt is pure genius, and deserves every accolade he gets and more. The show is handling his homosexuality and budding relationship with Blaine (The AMAZING Darren Criss… someone I know has a huge crush on him.) with extreme sensitivity in every aspect, from their emotional connection to Kurt’s inexperience with physical affection.

SO WHY THE HELL are people still so ignorant?! The very reason that Glee is addressing this right now in a prime-time tv slot is to attempt to educate the closed-minded. Obviously it’s vitally important, especially since it’s making people talk about how uncomfortable they were with the whole thing. If it was two teenage girls (ie Santana and Brittney)? It would be HOT. Not inappropriate for an 8pm time slot.

What was that moment like in our house? I let out a yell, accompanied with fist-pumping, that scared the crap out of Puppy, who was just falling asleep. Even Army Boy, while surprised, let out a “NICE!”

Two men kissing NEEDS to be out there. The double standard about same-sex relationships needs to fall by the wayside. How’s that working for us right now? Increased bullying due to the ever-growing methods of communication, increased awareness of teen suicide due to said bullying… Was Kathy Griffin’s guest parody last night more accurate than amusing when she quipped “We don’t want our children thinking Gay is Ok!”?

Why could this person not, instead of being weirded-out and thankful that their daughter was texting and oblivious, use the kiss between Blaine and Kurt as a teaching moment, or a door to open discussion with her about her feelings about same-sex relationships?

ALSO: This show is rated TV-14 by the FCC. Don’t complain about what your child is “exposed” to, if you’re not going to either a: screen it first to make sure that you’re comfortable with them watching, or b: not allow them to watch something with themes that are far too mature for them. Why have I not heard a workplace dialogue about the teen pregnancy storyline, the alcohol episode, the language (Just last night, Mercedes sang “Hell to the No”) or the CONSTANT talk of sex?

It didn’t help when, in verifying the FCC rating, I stumbled across a charming little sight called “Common Sense Media.” Apparently it’s supposed to be an informative site to help parents decide what their children should and should not watch. The first review was the following:

Not for non-adults? Um, I don’t think it’s for YOU sweetie. I’m going to go back and watch some more gay activity.

Other “helpful” comments included that “There is a boy who is regularly gay.” (as opposed to ‘only sometimes gay’?)

“The second season however has a more sexual topics and gay topics than the first season.” (it’s called addressing current issues)

“There was an entire episode deticated to drinking and other times they show adults drinking. I don’t think it affects teenagers or changes their values but it would probably affect tweens.” (OH MY GOD IT SHOWED ADULTS DRINKING?! PEOPLE OF LEGAL AGE?! HOLY SHIT!)

“i luuuv glee, but some really nasty parts to it.especially in a episode where they get drunk and play spin the bottle.” (That spin-the-bottle… the original menace to society. Even worse than that rock and roll music.)

“In one episode a teacher gives students pills for energy. And the cheerleading coach is senile and aggressive, abusing students.” (Uh huh. You don’t even watch the show.)

“I havent watched a lot of the episodes but i watched a clip of one and in the clip i say them playing spin the bottle and making out and a guy throwing feathers at a girl in just underwear and a bra. I also say a drunk girl holding a bottle. But i still think its for ages 12 and up and for 11 yr olds if they are mature” (A: SPELLING. B: NOT FEATHERS!! C: Also doesn’t watch the show. D: Still thinks it’s ok for mature 11 year olds despite FEATHERS!@)

I’m not going to lie- I stopped reading. Rather than making me feel hopeful about the future of tolerance in our country, I saw a picture of ignorance (on many levels)(FEATHERS!) that is bleak as ever.

Instead of ending on that totally depressing note, I will say that I am thrilled beyond words that “Glee” is pushing the boundaries it does, and opening the door for discussion among those who aren’t frightened by serious teen issues. The show uses its prevalence to make extremely comments on society between those catchy musical numbers, and those comments can only lead to positive impact when discussed in the right context.

Also: Blaine + Kurt 4 EVA!



2 thoughts on “Overheard.

  1. I LOVE this post. Honestly, I probably SHOULDN’T let my tween girls watch, but I did from the beginning, so I just use the show as an excuse to open up dialogue. The three of us started clapping when Blaine and Kurt kissed, I’ve always taught them “you love who you love.”

  2. Man. That was “heavy” kissing? Obviously these people need to go out a LOT more. Or, at the very least, turn on some quality “Jersey Shore.”

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