A Royal Confession.

When I was ten years old, I fell in love with Prince William. He was on the cover of People™ magazine, all blonde hair and blue eyes, and my little pre-pubescent heart skipped a beat. After all, he was a prince, and he was dreamy. Also: PRINCE.

I think that I partially have my mom to blame for my love of all things royal- she was engaged the year of Charles and Diana’s wedding, had me right before Baby Wills turned one, and apparently she and I watched the wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson together when I was a wee little Brooke.

I loved following the royals’ exploits through high school, enjoying the occasional mentions they got on evening smut TV and supermarket weeklies. Then, I went away to college and Wills slipped off my radar for a while…

… and when I emerged with my diploma in hand, I found that he was shacking up with some broad named Kate Middleton. She was apparently “a friend” that he’d met “at University” and they’d been “quietly dating since.”

The worst part? I couldn’t even hate her for stealing my hypothetical royal mate. Because she was sporty*, classy**, and drop-dead gorgeous. Although dating one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, she stayed mostly out of the spotlight, and was extremely private. Even after their brief breakup, she didn’t come forward with hateful relationship secrets for the press, but simply went about her business.

So yes, I have to come forward and admit that I am quite smitten with the soon-to-be princess.

Surpringly to me, this is a topic that has polarized people. Some (like me) are excited for the royal wedding and can’t wait to see how the new generation of royals is going to pull off the pomp and circumstance in their own style. Others are SICK TO DEATH of it, and can’t wait for the whole thing to be over and done with. My friend CJHannas mentions that he’s tired of all the hoopla and can’t seem to get on he bandwagon, despite the hoopla. Some of my work colleagues have mentioned being ambivalent, especially because “Willam is just UGLY.”


It could be that my own wedding is almost five months away has contributed to my “squee-factor” about the whole thing. While I’m quietly carrying out my wedding preparations in a small town across the pond, Kate and Wills are doing their planning in front of the whole world. Every detail has been discussed and speculated upon, including possible honeymoon locales and cake flavors. I understand where it could be a bit much for the apathetic, but they certainly can escape the coverage if they so choose. (Granted, that means avoiding a number of tv channels ALL week this week) It could be that I have a slight girl-crush on Ms Middleton, that led to a recent two-week saga trying to procure an appropriate “Kate-worthy” handbag…

It could also be that I may have my own handsome groom-to-be that just happens to be a bit of a ringer for William. Who would have thought?!

Either way, I personally will be tuning in at 6am this Friday morning to get every juicy detail. Along with Wesley, who will be recovering from getting “fixed,” poor thing. I’m sure that Army Boy wishes that he could be there to discuss every aspect of the wedding with me, but alas, he has to work and didn’t have the foresight to take off for this momentous occasion. Whatever. More Earl Grey for puppers and I.

*- not me

**- no f-ing way

(images courtesy of People.com)


8 thoughts on “A Royal Confession.

  1. I had one issue of People on display in my bedroom for quite some time in my teen years (he was in some sort of sporty attire. I’m sure you’ve seen it/had it). Since I actually have to work on Friday (boo), I’m going to be lame and DVR the wedding.

    …and maybe catch a little while I get ready for work.

    • That’s not lame. You’re grownup and didn’t conveniently schedule a pet for surgery that day. WHO’S MORE LAME?! 😉

  2. I am quote intrigued, too, but yet, not as obsessed as I would have thought. I became smitten with the handsome young prince after Princess Di passed away. I was BEYOND obsessed at that point, and Prince William joined the coveted places on my bedroom walls alongside other “royals” such as Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Ryder Strong….lol

    As a reformed princess wanna be *ahem* did you know me in college?? lol I still can’t help but wanting to know what the royal wedding will be like. While I didn’t actually call off work, CBS begins coverage at 4 AM, and you can rest assured that my DVR will be set so that I don’t miss a moment of the festivities.

    P.S. The word quote at the top of this comment should be quite, but I’m typing on my iPad & for some reason, when I type comments on here, I can’t go back and edit it without deleting EVERYTHING…. 🙂

    • DID YOU LOVE IT!!!?!?!?!? Seriously, can you imagine the party we would have had back in North?! You, Katieruch, Becca and I??

      *wipes tear*

  3. It has been IMPOSSIBLE to avoid hearing about this wedding…it’s like the female Super Bowl! I will honor the couple the best way I know how — sleeping (where I can’t make snarky comments about the event as it happens) 🙂

    • There’s nothing wrong with your approach. Thanks for being a good sport and letting me link to you. 🙂

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