Recent Reads: “I Heart Cassandra Clare” Edition

Having a busted knee and a puppy who’s supposed to be “kept quiet” (YEAH RIGHT, VET INSTRUCTIONS) for the last week has freed up my time a bit more to enjoy the lovely weekend we just had and get some more reading in. When I wasn’t escaping reality by watching the Royal Wedding replays, I was out in the yard with these two books, and was totally engrossed.

“City of Ashes”~ Cassandra Clare

This book picks up shortly after the ending of “City of Bones,” and everyone is still coming to terms with the information they gained during the final confrontation with rogue Shadowhunter Valentine. Not only is Valentine not dead (as he was believed to be), he was married to Clary’s mother, making him (duh!) Clary’s father. Oh, and during the time he was believed to be dead? He was raising his son, Jonathan. Also known as “Jace”.

Also: Eeeewww.

(PS- There’s really no way to review this book without mentioning that the lead characters are “brother and sister”, so I’m afraid I have to be spoilery about it.)

Where was I? Oh, Clary’s Mom is in a magically induced coma, her dad is the most evil Shadowhunter ever, her best friend Simon has apparently decided she’s his girlfriend and is being really clingy and jealous, and she totally made out with her brother in the last book. You’d think that would be quite enough excitement for one series, but Cassandra Clare is just warming up.

Jace and Clary, along with their Shadowhunter friends Alec and Isabelle (siblings that do not make out, for the record.) are now dealing with the fallout of their confrontation with Valentine. The Clave has sent out its head of magical justice, known as “The Inquisitor”, to question how Jace wasn’t aware of the fact that his father is actually Valentine.

The main conflict we’re introduced to is that Valentine has stolen the second of the Mortal Instruments, the Soul Sword, massacring the Silent Brothers to do so. In addition, he’s killing the children of downworlders (werewolves, vampires, faeries) around the city, in order to turn the sword to his own sinister purposes.

The creep factor is seriously raised in this volume, and the story culminates with a massive confrontation that has Clary realizing that she may have her own unique set of abilities that she and everyone else were completely unaware of.

Yet again, this book kept me reading late into the evening, and I had to continue into the third book before I could be satisfied with stopping.

“City of Glass”~ Cassandra Clare

Since the beginning of these books, the one person who can (and probably should have) told Clary about her demon-hunting heritage, her mother, has been in a magically-induced coma to protect herself from the machinations of Valentine. At the end of City of Ashes, a friend of Jocelyn’s comes forward and tells Clary how her mother can be awakened. It will involve a trip to the Shadowhunter home of Alicante, the first time that Clary will look upon the City of Glass.

Meanwhile, Alec, Isabelle and Jace are planning to return to Alicante with the Lightwoods to warn the Shadowhunter government about the threat posed by Valentine and what he plans to use the Mortal Instruments for. On the day of their departure, Jace contacts Simon (who, by the way, is now able to be out in daylight despite still being a vampire) to try to persuade Clary that going to the Glass City at the current time wouldn’t be safe for her. He doesn’t even manage to get that far before they’re attacked by Forsaken (zombies) and forced to portal to Alicante early, bringing an injured Simon and leaving Clary behind.

Naturally, girlfriend is PISSED and chooses to create her own Portal, dumping she and Luke into Lake Lyn, which nearly kills her due to its magical properties. Sometimes, listening to your brother is the best idea. They make their way to Alicante, where Clary is healed by Luke’s estranged sister, and reunited with Jace and the Lightwoods.

She then sets off on the mission to help her mother, aided by a cousin of the Lightwoods, Sebastian Verlac. Meeting him gives Clary a sense of déjà vu and foreboding, but she can’t necessarily explain it. Her quest leads her to the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane (one of my favorite characters), as well as to Wayland manor, where Jace was raised as a child. It’s there that they learn some of the most horrifying secrets of their childhood, and realize that Valentine must be stopped once and for all.

This novel was NON-STOP, and I really enjoyed all of the action that took place in Alicante. It’s easy to understand why the Shadowhunters call the city their home. The question of incest in the plot is resolved (YES!) when more secrets come to light, but somehow Clary still manages to make out with her ACTUAL brother. Someone get this girl on Dr Phil, seriously. I’m very interested to see the direction that Cassandra Clare is going to take with the plot now that she’s seemingly resolved the conflict with Valentine.

I literally just finished up City of Glass earlier this week, and was prepared to head to the bookstore this weekend so that I could continue my Cassandra Clare streak.

Then, this happened:

Yay cellphone pics!

That is a signed copy of “City of Fallen Angels.” For me. Courtesy of my Literary Godmother. Sorry, I still haven’t stopped ‘Squee’-ing yet.

Reading Currently: “Awakening”~ SJ Bolton

To Read: “City of Fallen Angels”~ Cassandra Clare (DUH)

(images courtesy of Google images)(except the last one, SQUEE!!)


2 thoughts on “Recent Reads: “I Heart Cassandra Clare” Edition

  1. I usually don’t read summaries from books I’ve actually read, but yours are always too amusing to pass up.

    Guess I should get on reading the 4th one, then. We can squee at the same time 😛

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