Up to my Ears…


… in paper products. And wedding planning. And tiny details that I know that nobody’s going to remember, but am forced to obsess over anyway because of that charming Type A personality that I was genetically gifted with. (THANKS MOM!)

Trust me when I say I never ever ever ever EVER expected to give the slightest hint of a crap about paper products. Because that’s what they are- Paper. They’re received, they communicate information, and then, 9 times out of 10, they’re chucked. I went into the process of choosing wedding invitations with that idea in mind, that they would be classy, preferably pretty, and get the information across. Oh, and that they wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, because have you seen the prices of wedding invites?! You practically need a second mortgage to pay for a suite of custom-designed letterpress.*


Here’s where the crazy stuff started happening, though- I began ordering invitation samples to get an idea of what I liked…and it was fun. Suddenly, I was perusing the invite sites like an addict, looking to make sure I hadn’t missed “just the right invitation” that could be customized to our color scheme.

I stalked Wedding Paper Divas, Rexcraft, and other sites, wondering how often they came out with new designs. And the samples started to arrive in the mail on a daily basis, bringing me a little shiver of joy as I prepared to open the envelope and see if they lived up to my expectations.

Initially, I stuck with my plan- simple, and elegant. I showed these choices to Momma Sue, and she promptly vetoed them as boring. Hmm. Time for Plan B.

I ordered some unique suites from Wedding Paper Divas, which were a little closer but still not exactly what Momma Sue was envisioning for the big day. Here’s the interesting part- since invites weren’t really at the top of my priority list as far as non-negotiable items? I was comfortable exploring some other options and searching for a design that would please both of us. She wanted something a little “more” than what I’d been looking at, and I was willing to keep my options open.

getting warmer...

On a whim, I ordered a couple of samples from Big Bridal Retailer, thinking that it couldn’t hurt to see what they had. We had, after all, purchased our Maid of Honor’s adorable dress from them.

The sample arrived, and right away Mom and I knew that it was the perfect choice. It was classy, with a sparkly backing that made it stand out from the basic layered invite. AND it included a glossy ribbon, which was one of Mom’s favorite design elements.

The Final Choice

They finally went out in the mail this week (Earlier than convention dictates, but later than Miss Type A had originally planned), and we’ve already gotten our first response back (from Army Boy’s family, no less!).

Right when I was ready to wash my hands of the whole business- after all, we’d successfully picked both invites and save-the-dates!- Army Boy’s parents asked us to choose the invitations for the rehearsal dinner. Ah, and I’m kicking around ideas for our out-of-town bags and favor packaging. It looks like I’ll be spending a great deal of time on VistaPrint, Etsy andZazzle in the coming days. Oh, and NO PRESSURE, but according to the Powers That Be in Wedding World, all this frippery should coordinate somehow.

*cracks Red Bull*

Oh, what else do I have on my plate, you ask? (Even if you didn’t? I IS THE BRIDE AND YOU HAS TO LISTEN)

~Contemplating Ceremony Music– I’m more than a little obsessed with the music selections that were chosen for the Royal Wedding. If our venue were Westminster Abbey, you bet your ass I’d be stealing a few. (Having John Rutter write a piece as a wedding gift to you, and the Choir of Westminster perform it???? YES PLEASE.) One of the areas that I originally thought I’d be relishing freedom in, I feel like there are tooooo many choices. Let’s face it, knowing that I was a music major, our guests are going to expect really beautiful and thoughtful music. At the same time, I’m leaning toward keeping everyone on their toes.

~Creating a Rough Draft of our Ceremony– Whose idea was it to get all creative with this anyway?! Once I can get Army Boy to sit down and start picking out some elements that are important to him, we’ll meet in the middle. Hopefully.

~Deciding on a Damn Guest Book Already– First idea: Way too involved. Second Idea: Way too popular right now. Third Idea- GAH THERE IS NO THIRD IDEA.

~Ditto for Escort Cards/Escort Card Display

~STILL thinking about hair and makeup– WHAT. I’m a GIRL. That’s the fun part! Especially after seeing how lovely Princess Kate looked after doing her own makeup, I’ve basically made up my mind that I’ll be taking care of my own visage, possibly with a few tips from my friends at Sephora.


*Ahem* Once again we’re in Wedding Mode, and rather than write daily small posts about this thing and that thing, I’m giving you the Cliff’s Notes Version. You’re welcome, Internets.

*Words that I never imagined would be in my vocabulary.

(images via here and here )


9 thoughts on “Up to my Ears…

    • Oh, there has been SO MUCH BAD BEHAVIOR from both families… but to avoid driving my mother to an early grave I’m avoiding writing about it.
      This is on Army Boy’s side… Biting my tongue about how PISSED I AM to his parents? Not so easy. But I did already let them know that we would NOT be attending, in no uncertain terms.

  1. I LOVED our wedding programs. I can send you a picture of what we did, if you’d like. I also LOVED our invitations, even though they were a massive pain in the ass. We made them ourselves…though everyone thought we had them done professionally (yay!). I also loved our music. I walked down the aisle to edelweiss…from The Sound of Music. We had a quartet, so it was a strings version of the song. My guest book…were “wish cards” with different words printed on each one (love, dreams, life, etc) and all my guests went down to the wishing well at the chapel, wrote their wish for us on a card and then put it into the bucket for the well (obviously, we saved them afterwards…). I liked that idea better than a traditional guest book…. anyway, I loved our wedding…and I’m happy to help you out with any idea/suggestions/show you what we did if you’re stuck. Just email me! 🙂

    • Oooo, I love the wish cards idea! That’s adorable! Do you have “wedding stuff” on your blog that I can stalk?? 🙂

  2. I was going to suggest you follow my lead and walk in to the theme song from “The Sopranos,” but I sense that you are TOO GOOD FOR THAT.

    • THAT is kickass. I could never be too good for that. How about some of the “synthesizer” music from “The Princess Bride”? Would that suffice? 😉

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