I make no secret of the fact that I am slightly infatuated with the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a.k.a Will and Kate. As I write this, a copy of the Royal Wedding on dvd sits on our media cabinet, crisply wrapped in cellophane and ready for a rainy afternoon or for me to kick the boys in the house out for about two hours.

I loved watching with the rest of the world as Kate entered the doors of Westminster Abbey a “commoner” (but a damn stunning one!) and exited a Princess. The thing that struck me most about the day was how they still managed to make it seem intimate, despite the fact that it was witnessed by approximately 2 bajillion people. You never lost sight of the fact that this was a couple in love pledging their lives to one another, regardless of the fact that they would one day be the King and Queen of England. That was just the icing on a very sparkly and amazing cake.

Music nerd that I am, I downloaded the Royal Wedding album as soon as it became available on iTunes. Through my repeated viewings of the event, I was impressed by how perfectly the musical choices complimented the ceremony and the pageantry. While watching the initial broadcast, NBC news commented that Kate and Prince Charles had been the ones mainly choosing the musical selections, swapping ideas and listening to them on their respective iPods. I couldn’t help but crack a smile, envisioning the Duke of Cornwall sitting in one of his palaces, jamming to some organ music.

I very much appreciated the effort made in choosing English composers, especially as they were some of the favorites of my college choir director. Ralph Vaughan Williams and Edward Elgar figured prominently in my aural education during those four years, and both were selections when we performed at Carnegie Hall. I tried searching for two of the tracks that I particularly liked, a John Rutter piece and a piece by Paul Mealor, without any luck. A little more research revealed that the Rutter piece was commissioned as a gift to the couple from Westminster Abbey.

Ok, if anyone wants to know the perfect wedding gift?? That’s it. Right there.

What struck me the most what the sweet, poignant ceremony- the vows, the appropriateness of the reading given by Kate’s brother, and the lovely address given by the Bishop of London. It was just perfection. If I could steal the whole thing, I would. Somehow, I don’t picture a trumpet fanfare feeling appropriate in our ballroom.

Completely unknowingly, Princess Kate gave other engaged women around the world someone to look up to in their own wedding planning. Not once throughout the press conferences, royal appearances or any of the wedding that we were witness to was she any less than regal, poised and perfectly appropriate.

Hence the title of this post- “What Would Kate Do?”

Because let’s face it, some parts of wedding planning SUCK BALLS. It seems like we have met resistance every step of the way, from attempting to choose our minister, to decisions about food, the guest list, the timing that invitations went out, and loads of family drama. I’m not sure why people feel it’s their right to voice opinions on our decision-making, but it’s frustrating the CRAP out of me. I do not owe So-and-so an explanation of why we’d prefer our event be an adults-only affair, Whats-his-butt doesn’t need to know what’s in the entrees, and I certainly shouldn’t have to explain that we sent our invites out in plenty of time to give my entire family, who live out of state, plenty of notice for their travel and accommodations. Yet over and over again I am put in that position.

Y’all, just SHUT UP and attend. Or don’t, it’s all good.

The other night, I was on the phone with Momma Darcy putting out yet another little fire, when she remarked “Let this one go. You love Princess Kate… what would she do?” (Yes, of course Momma Darcy knows that I adore all things British)

And once again, as has happened countless other times in my life, she was right.

Kate threw together a ROYAL wedding in 6 months, with the knowledge that she was drastically changing her life and that the entire world would be analyzing every second. I can’t imagine diplomatically handling questions from in-laws when those in-laws happen to be the sovereign of your country. I’m sure that she had countless wonderful professionals at her disposal, but in the end a great deal of the decision-making fell to her and William.

If we somehow don’t follow etiquette, it’s not going to piss off the emperor of Japan, is basically what I’m saying.

At the end of the day, Army Boy will be married (and ready to leave for IRELAND), and that’s all that matters. The fact that our family and dear friends will be there to support us and witness our marriage is just a bonus. (Except for The Yezel. The fact that she and Mr Yezel are attending is KICKASS)

For the next 5 months, as issues arise, I will simply remember to take deep breaths and ask myself… WWKD?


4 thoughts on “WWKD??

  1. You’re right. The day is about the two of you, and if you really make someone THAT mad with your choices, then he/she isn’t really someone you want there anyway! The people that really truly know and love you will respect your choices and go with the flow…..wherever it may take them!

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