Scenes From The Bedroom: ABS.

(The Casa Bedroom, too early for “normal people” to be in bed, but Brooke and Army Boy are winding down for the day. )

Brooke: Today I was listening to Ryan Seacrest on the radio, and he had a list of the top celebrities that people would leave their marriages for.

Army Boy: Oh,  here we go…

Brooke: Yeah, I didn’t agree with most of them. Zac Efron? Really? He still poops his pants.

AB: He’s pretty young, that would be a little creepy.

Brooke: HOWEVER.


Brooke: 70% of women said they’d leave their marriage for…


Brooke: How’d you know I-

AB: He’s the only person you’d want to tell me the results of a survey about.

Brooke: Yanno, it’s not even that he’s that HOT… he’s definitely cute. And funny. Until he takes his clothes off. Then he’s hot.

AB: So? Would you leave your marriage for him?

Brooke: (thinks a minute, then grins) We’re NOT married yet. HA!

AB: Isn’t that special.

Brooke: Oh, whatever. If Kate Beckinsale walked in that door right now–

AB: (Interrupting) You’d stab her.

Brooke: Well… probably. So I win in both scenarios.

(End Scene)


3 thoughts on “Scenes From The Bedroom: ABS.

  1. You know, I think I somehow missed the Ryan Reynolds bus. This may be because Scarlett Johansson was riding it first and she rubs me the wrong way. (If you’ll allow me another “This may:” This may be because Adam has commented overfrequently on Scarlett’s heaving bosoms.) (Heave, heave.)

    Now, that lead singer from Train? Those are some eyebrows that do it for me.

    (Stop gasping. THEY’RE GOOD EYEBROWS.)

    • You know, I have to question his taste for marrying Bosom-hansson who then proceeded to continue her bosom-eyness with Sean Penn. Nothing wrong with Sean Penn… if you are remotely close to his age. Not young enough to be his daughter.

      *takes off judgeypants*

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