How I Spent My Birthday Week

Obviously, I didn’t take any time in the past week to update the blog, but for good reason: It was wicked hectic AND included some time to celebrate my birthday. We play them fast and loose around here, as Army Boy just turned the big 3-0 two weeks ago, and we’ve had a lot of family visiting in addition to some… *ahem* … other excitement.

Such as:

Canine Education! ~ After getting neutered, microchipped and finally finishing his vaccines, it was time for Wesley (aka Sir Peepants aka Pupperkins aka “Stop that Dammit”) to head off to puppy classes. Where he immediately became “that kid” with his name on the board followed by about a bazillion check marks. Or a mouth full of Bitter Apple spray, one of the two.

Apparently our Special Snowflake pooch doesn’t like it when other dogs are getting recognition or treats. HA! Welcome to life, kid. Wait til you start paying taxes.

Getting New Internet! That WORKS! ~ Enough said. See ya, sucky network.

NerdFest 2011~ Visits with my soon-to-be brothers-in-law* including a trip to the movies to see “Super 8.” Where we proceeded to discuss the OTHER Summer Nerd Movies we’ve already seen or plan to see.**

Presents!~ … duh. Winning at Birthdays. See also: Only child, and not above shopping myself and giving the box to Army Boy saying “Here! These can be presents!”***

A Mini-Wedding-Crafting Binge!~ Yeah… Once I saw the “four month” deadline staring me in the face, I became convinced that we needed the materials to start on some of the few Do-It-Yourself projects that we’ve decided to undertake. Let’s face it, entrusting me with a glue gun or sharp objects is not the best idea. Ever.

Breakfast With Army Boy’s Ex Mother-In-Law!~ So totally not planned. She just happened to be at the same small breakfast restaurant in a town 15 minutes away from both of our respective homes. Fortunately, I was too engrossed in getting us a secluded table to notice her wave and Army Boy’s respective eye roll. He makes me so proud.

Run-Ins with the Law! ~ No, I wasn’t speeding. Why does EVERYONE think I was speeding? Actually, it was the morning before my birthday, and I got pulled for “running” a stop sign. It was more of a “California Stop,” really. I should probably come up with a better story, something about shanking a kindergartner who tried to steal my piece of coconut cake. Happy Effing Birthday to me, right?


*I now win an award for most hyphenations ever.****

**- Sadly, not including Ryan Reynolds’ Abs in “Green Lantern”, because that just looks terrible.

***- For the record, the box was from Victoria’s Secret. Bow chicka wow wow.

****- And possibly for overuse of asterisks



6 thoughts on “How I Spent My Birthday Week

  1. You seriously crack me up. But yes, Ryan Reynolds is on my get out of jail card…along with…hmmm, tough question…

    While you’re taking out Kate…feel free to include Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman.

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday! Wow…that was a hectic week…one that probably needed more ********** and maybe some !!!!!!!!!

    4weeks!….less than, now! Yay wedding!!

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