No, We Weren’t Drinking. Yet.

The Yezel [4:12 PM]: i should have married that aussie that cooks. you know…that hot blonde

Txtingmrdarcy [4:12 PM]: curtis stone?! RAHR

The Yezel [4:12 PM]: YEP

Txtingmrdarcy [4:12 PM]: and he’s in the “great grains” commercial

The Yezel [4:12 PM]: he could be mah lova

Txtingmrdarcy [4:13 PM]: and you’re like “YES. I WANT THOSE FLAKES THAT HAVE LITTLE CREASES ON THEM”

The Yezel [4:13 PM]: (he does a local thing with our local grocery stores here) (where he spent time in KC) (and is in the magzines)(and i wish he proclaimed his love for me)

Txtingmrdarcy [4:14 PM]…he should be your boyfriend

The Yezel [4:14 PM]: i agree. i would eat fish and creepy foods for him

Txtingmrdarcy [4:14 PM]: and not just because that would leave Ryan* for me! BAHAHAHA

The Yezel [4:14 PM]: because HE WOULD MAKE THEM FOR ME. wait….a….second….. how about we do a sharing program? one month for me and one month for you.

Txtingmrdarcy [4:15 PM]: it’s like a polygamy library


Txtingmrdarcy [4:15 PM]: and i get to STAMP HIS ASS before I return him!

The Yezel [4:15 PM]: not stamp..slap, duh!!!!

Txtingmrdarcy [4:15 PM]: come on. the little return date on his buttcheek would be adorable

Curtis says "Stamp my arse!"

*Reynolds. Duh. Like there’s any other Ryan**
**- I know, I still have no idea why we’re allowed to use IM at work.


5 thoughts on “No, We Weren’t Drinking. Yet.

  1. First off, happy belated birthday, you disgustingly young thing, you.

    Second: Adam thinks I enjoy “Top Chef” because I always scuttle into the living room while he’s watching it. Excited that we for once share a show in common, he tries to edumacate me on the contestants (that one’s a jerk! that one’s too nice for his own good! that one has NO IDEA WHAT FOIE IS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!). But all I hear is “blah blah blah HEY LOOK IT’S CURTIS blah blah blah THOSE PANTS ARE PRACTICALLY MOLDED TO HIS TASTY BUM blah blah blah CURTISCURTISCURTIS.”

    Yay marriage. HAVE FUN.

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