Recent Reads: Autographed Edition

“City of Fallen Angels”~ Cassandra Clare 

Yes, I’m still here and still reading. Lately, partly because of our addiction to BBC and “Merlin” in particular, I’d been wanting to re-read “The Mists of Avalon.” If you haven’t read this beast by Marion Zimmer Bradley, I have to recommend it. There’s romance, action, magic and lots of sex (Come on. Don’t pretend you weren’t wondering). Oh, and it tells the story of the Arthur legend from the viewpoints of the women involved. It’s an epic read (at 912 pages) and one that I love to revisit every so often.

However, once I was about halfway through I started to regret my decision to reread because I have so many amazing reads on the bookcase to get through.

My first book to attack once finished was Cassandra Clare’s “City of Fallen Angels.” I’ve read a lot of negative reviews out there about this one, mainly because she did a fabulous job ending the trilogy in “City of Glass.” Like the naysayers, I was a little skeptical as to how she was going to propel the plot forward.

I didn’t need to worry, though, as the fallout from the Mortal War provided plenty of story points. Simon is still dealing with the ramifications of being turned into a vampire, and learning exactly what bearing the Mark of Cain is going to mean for him. He still hasn’t told his mother about his new identity, and is simultaneously dating both Maia and Isabelle. He’s trying his hardest to live a “normal” life, which complicates things further.

Jace and Clary should be spending the whole book sucking face and celebrating the fact that they can actually be together without it being incest (yay!), but Jace is pulling away and acting strangely, mostly as a result of the messed-up nightmares he’s been having since they returned from Idris. I saw shades of “Whiny New Moon Edward Cullen” in this, and was ready to be pissy if Cassandra Clare hadn’t revealed a damn good reason why Jace was acting the way he was.

Fortunately, Clare had a brilliant, twisty plot in mind that kept me guessing until practically the final pages of the novel. She’s only begun to explore the depths of Clary’s unique powers, and the effects of her ability to create runes. You get to spend more time with Simon, who is considerably less annoying now that he’s big pimpin’ and not mooning (would be a funnier pun if he were a werewolf) over Clary. Isabelle continues kicking ass and taking names, while revealing a bit of her softer nature, and we’re introduced to some intriguing new characters.

I flew through this book, and the only thing keeping me from sulking about waiting for the next is the fact that I still have “Clockwork Prince” on my shelf. Along with some other juicy young adult reads that I can’t wait to dig into. Yes, I am 28. No, I do not want to read grown up books yet. Thank you very much.

Oh yeah, it's THAT one.

*This book was sent to me by my Fairy Godmother over at Bookish.  Because she’s THAT cool.*

Currently Reading: “Mermaid: A Twist on the Classic Tale”~ Carolyn Turgeon

 Reading Next: “The Dark and Hollow Places”~ Carrie Ryan

“Pwned”~ Erika Mitchell


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