Frat House Tales: Who’s Type A?

(Scene: Brooke, in the Lego Block of Doom, in her cubicle. She’s on the phone with Momma Darcy.)

Brooke: Army Boy is driving me crazy. You know how we were talking about being on the same page where the dog is concerned, and how one parent is going to know him a little better?

Mom: Yup

Brooke: Well, he’s off sick today [Army Boy] and I told him to keep the dog on his usual schedule so that he can have some time to relax and sleep And he said “wah wah wah i’m not doing that…”

Mom: Do you think you have some control issues?

Brooke: NO. Because I have to come home and listen to how he didn’t get to sleep all day because the dog was a dick.

Mom: When you go to High School BFF’s wedding in Philly, are you going to let him drive?

Brooke: Nope. He just got us lost in our neighborhood!*

Mom: So you have the directions. But he’s a better driver

Brooke: He’s not a better driver in traffic and cities when you have to focus on more than one thing at once

Mom: BROOKE! He went to IRAQ!

Brooke: MOM! He didn’t DRIVE THERE.

(End Scene. Stay Tuned For: Brooke and Army Boy Do Marriage Counseling!)

*- No really, that happened.


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