Three Months.

Holy crap, somehow we’re suddenly 90 days out from the wedding. All of the planning up to this point has seemed abstract, as only plans that are made incredibly far in advance can be. I knew that there was a totally awesome goal at the end of the planning period, but I couldn’t see the finish line.

It’s there now.

Suddenly, all of the little details that I’ve worked out but have yet to actually execute (Place cards! Attendant gifts! Favors! Guest Book! Out of Town Bags!) need to start becoming a reality.

This led to Army Boy and I spending two hours on Monday afternoon coffee-staining 100 notecards, and realizing “Wow, we don’t have enough. Better get more.”

On one hand, this is full of Awesome since we’re scheduling meetings with the minister, dress fittings, and other appointments that needed to wait until closer to the day to accomplish. On the other hand, the number of weekends until the big day is growing steadily closer to the single digits and there’s still SO MUCH to do.

I’ve been pretty mum on the wedding planning for a bit, so I thought that I’d throw in a basic “inspiration board.” This is apparently the “thing” now in the wedding world- take some things that you’d like your wedding to be asthetically, stick them in a collage and call it good. Mine is limited by my lack of an awesome program and skillz in Paint, but you get the basic idea. Just pretend it’s amazing, ok?

I’ll just… be over here… in the corner… with my eye twitching.


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