Not So Royal Wedding Music, Part Deux

Where we left off last, I was exploring the works of various British composers to decide if they would be the right choice for our wedding music selections. I’d found a real possibility with John Rutter’s “What Sweeter Music,” but I still hadn’t had quite  the reaction I was looking for.

I decided to look in a different direction entirely, using some of the music from the night that we got engaged. Army Boy proposed at an “Enter The Haggis” concert, so using them in some form throughout our day was practically a given. They have a lot of great songs, but I wanted something really joyful, and with a real punch. I was thinking that really letting loose for the recessional would be a great way to let our guests know that it was time to PAR-TAY.

I narrowed it down to two of my favorites, and played them for Army Boy and the family to get their input. They agreed with BOTH, so we found a way to work them both into the day.

(Here’s one of their songs that we didn’t choose… but it’s one of my favorites!)


That night, we also got to hear Eric Rigler perform the love theme from “Braveheart.” Since he played it in the original soundtrack, he did a damn good job of it. I mentally filed it away as potential wedding music, and downloaded a few selections from the soundtrack when I started my search.

Again, the music was gorgeous… again, it still didn’t feel quite right for a trip down the aisle. The recording quality wasn’t as great as we’ve come to expect from more recent recording. However, we have found a way to include it as part of our ceremony. Just not the “biggest” part.

Fortunately, finding one of my selections from a film soundtrack helped me to narrow my focus in on the sound that I wanted. I started racking my brains, trying to think of any particular film music that stood out to me, that gave me goosebumps and that I could picture myself walking down the aisle to.

There was one selection that I was drawn to right away. My grandfather made a series of home videos before he passed away, about the birth of each of his grandchildren and the family celebrations through the years. He got very creative with this projects, often including soundtracks and what limited special effects he could use at the time. His taste in music was impeccable, even if he was only standing in the woods, pretending to conduct an invisible orchestra. (Yes. He was also quite quirky and ever the performer. I have no idea if that’s genetic. 😉 ) I was immediately reminded of a Henry Mancini piece that he chose to use in his videos, and thought “Yes. Thank you, Pop.”

I also spent literally hours poring over iTunes, following its suggestions to songs it thought I’d “like,” and then following suggestions from those. One piece stopped me in my tracks immediately, and I thought it might be “the One.” I was looking for music from historical shows like “The Tudors,” and iTunes suggested the love theme from the movie “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.”

You have to close your eyes and listen, but that was the very first piece that I could genuinely imagine the ballroom doors opening, and my dad escorting my down the aisle. I thought I had a winner.

Or did I??


3 thoughts on “Not So Royal Wedding Music, Part Deux

  1. SQUEE! I love “Gift of a Thistle”, such a beautiful song. Wes actually composed the song I walked down the aisle to, he wouldn’t let me hear it until our wedding day. It was exquisite, and made it IMPOSSIBLE not to tear up.

    • That would killlllll me. My biggest fear is starting to do the “ugly cry” coming down the aisle! Wes gets major serious mega-points. Might we even say he “pwned” the wedding processional? 😉

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