Final Music Selections for the Not-So-Royal Wedding

One nugget of wedding wisdom that gets passed around is that when you’ve found your dress, STOP LOOKING. Don’t continue to ogle dresses in magazines, or watch countless episodes of “Say Yes to the Dress.” The only think you’ll do is confuse yourself with more choices. Since I found my dress 13 months before the wedding itself, I had plenty of time to get confused.

The same tenet should hold true for most decisions that are wedding related. Go with your gut, choose your songs/readings/colors and then stop looking. For music, that was a little harder than other things. We’re constantly surrounded by music, whether it’s on the radio, on tv or in the movies we choose to watch.

At the end of the last post, I’d practically decided to use the “Love Theme” from “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” for my entrance. The only problem that I was having was turning my brain OFF and leaving “bridal music mode.”

One evening, Army Boy and I were curled up watching Starz’ reboot of “Camelot” on Netflix, and ANOTHER song jumped out at me. I couldn’t get the plaintive melody out of my head ALL night, and I knew I had to download it. It probably didn’t help that it was played when Guinevere was marrying Leontes, and the lyrics were really lovely as well.

(ps- The video is captioned wrong… but I wanted the actual wedding scene because it was so effective in context.)

And if the storm howls through our land

I’ll be your shelter, I’ll be your shelter

If you’ll be my light, If you’ll be my light.

And if the world should fall to winter

I’ll be your warmth

If you’ll be my light

And if the skies should cloud to darkness

I’ll be your light

If you’ll be my light.”

It’s primal, and sweet, and basic…but I started to wonder if I wasn’t veering just a little bit too far on the theatrical side. While my more music-loving friends in the crowd would appreciate it, I wasn’t sure about Army Boy’s traditional Christian family, or my Catholic relatives.

So we’d decided on a recessional, some pieces for the prelude, and the entrance of the bridal party, but still nothing for my entrance. Through my various searches, I’d gotten closer and closer to what I was looking for, but was just missing the mark. By millimeters. I definitely wanted orchestral pieces, like Princess Kate chose for the Royal wedding. I was in love with warm strings and lush harmonies, but didn’t want anything as obviously “genre specific” as the “Braveheart” love theme or “Be My Light.” I wanted a little bit of dissonance, like the suspensions in the piece from “Elizabeth,” but not an overwhelming air of sadness (because, DUH, wedding.)

I wish that I could tell you exactly what sparked my lightbulb moment… but one evening I felt an overwhelming urge to download ANOTHER soundtrack by  James Horner (one of the most prolific movie composers of our time, and composer of the “Braveheart”soundtrack) off iTunes. I listened to the whole thing incessantly, until I had it narrowed down to TWO selections. One of those is now with my DJ, ready for my walk down the aisle with my dad.

The best part? He doesn’t know what it is. Neither does Army Boy. And honestly? Neither will you. Because I am an evil evil girl who drew out my music selection process over 3 posts only to clamp the safe shut

I will, however, permit guesses. And give you two clues- NO, it’s not from “Titanic.” Nor is it from ANY movie about space travel, or the theme for the CBS Evening News.

Actually, by my count, that’s three clues. Now you can’t say I wasn’t generous.

In case you weren’t studiously taking notes, some of the selections that we will be using throughout the day are:


“Dawn”~ Jean Yves Thibaudet (from the “Pride and Prejudice” soundtrack)

“El Noi de la Mare”~ Jean Felix Lalane & Muriel Anderson (from the “Vicky Christina Barcelona” soundtrack)*

“Love Theme”~ Craig Armstrong & AR Rahman

Reception Highlights:

“Marry You”~ Bruno Mars

“One Last Drink”~ Enter The Haggis

“I Do”~ Colbie Caillat

“The Way You Look Tonight”~ Harry Connick Jr

“Marry Me”~ Train

*This would make a gorgeous processional too!


4 thoughts on “Final Music Selections for the Not-So-Royal Wedding

  1. I. AM. SO. EXCITED!


    I found that choosing the music was the hardest part of planning my ceremony, and I was really surprised because I honestly thought it was going to be the easiest! In the end, it came down to choosing songs that Scott and I would both appreciate, and I was so happy with the choices. I’m sure that you will be, too! 🙂

  2. I wish I could be there, this is going to be a sumptuous wedding! You’ve got excellent taste in music, my friend.

    My guess for the song? “A Gift of a Thistle”. But only because it’s a personal favorite of mine.

  3. Oh THANKGOD, I thought I had been so out of touch with the blogosphere that I had missed your wedding. Not that I’m going, but I FEEL like I am going. Or kind of going.

    ANYWAY. I admire your selections, mainly for their variety and definitely for the fact that they reflect how much thought you put into this. Huh. You really get into this marriage thing. As a matter of fact, my husband should have married you. Shoot.

    (Good luck with the last-minute stuff. Thinking of you!)

    (See that? An dreaded exclamation mark JUST FOR YOU.)

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