For the Next Twenty-Something Days…

Walking from the dining hall at Small Liberal Arts College, I was relieved that the rain was finally stopping. Perhaps we would get a break from the flooding that had been plaguing our whole area for the last week. If there was any hope of the guests arriving safely for the wedding, it would hinge on the roads being passable.

I stopped briefly at the chapel and spoke with my Roomie and the Choir Manager. Roomie was wearing her wedding dress for some reason, but expressed that she was so excited to be on the way to our big day. It didn’t even occur to me that she should probably change.

It also didn’t strike me as odd that the location of our wedding and reception had been changed from the hotel and ballroom we’d selected, to the carousel that I remembered from my childhood in Rhode Island. I was similarly unconcerned that said carousel was now located in my old college town.

I ignored the water lapping around my ankles, searching for a safe spot to launch my inflatable raft into the flood water lapping the chapel steps so that I could begin paddling my way to the ceremony site. My fear of sharks briefly surfaced, but I reminded myself that I was on my college campus, and was more likely to float over a drunk frat brother than any malicious saltwater predators.

I arrived at the carousel, hauling my dripping self out of the water and briefly experiencing a moment of concern as to how I was going to maneuver around the numerous muddy puddles once I had my gown on. Checking my watch (which I never normally wear?), I started to feel real panic when I realized that I’d be walking down the aisle in fifteen minutes, and wasn’t prepared in the least.

The changing room at the carousel was spare to say the least, but I was beyond relieved to see our seamstress from the bridal shop. Surely she would be able to get my hair and makeup done in the next 10 minutes, and get me ready to wed. She sat me down on a stool, and was getting ready to make her magic, if only Wesley would just… stop…. barking…

And then I was awake.

Thank GOD.

Wedding anxiety dreams FTW!

(Although a carousel would be a totally kickass place to get married. Note for future marriages.)(KIDDING.)


3 thoughts on “For the Next Twenty-Something Days…

  1. I don’t know…a carousel would kind of be awesome…totally an easy way to get away from anyone in your wedding party who took one too many trips to the bar…if you take my meaning…Also? Drunk spinning only gets worse with motion.

  2. Would that be Roomie, me?? If so, while I totally have no idea what to wear for your wedding, I can assure you that I will NOT be wearing my wedding dress. Just in case you were worried. 😉

  3. I love it! I never had any wedding dreams, but I did take Ambien a week before our wedding and start hallucinating while saying goodnight to Wes on the phone. He had to drive out to my apartment at midnight to make sure I didn’t try to fly out a window.

    Drugs. They keep things spicy.

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