Bachelorette Tomfoolery

When my Maid of Honor and I started tossing around ideas for my bachelorette party, a clear favorite came to the front almost immediately.

Honestly, once we’d mentioned it, there was no comparison between any other options.

It was a perfectly fitting tribute to my upcoming marriage that I should return to the site of one of our first dates, and the place where we got engaged. We got a group of my nearest and dearest together, and embarked upon a day of adventure at the Renaissance Faire.

For starters, there’s amazing food, and plenty of adult beverages.

Secondly: Hot men. EVERYWHERE. Wearing Chainmail. Come on, it’s sexier than baby oil and a g-string, amirite?!

(That gentleman was addressed by the cast as “Sir Sexypants.” I kid you not.)

If you happen to have a bridesmaid who’s being a total pain in the ass about her dress, or her shoes, or the date she’s going to bring?? Challenge her to a FREAKIN SWORDFIGHT.

(P.I.T.A. Bridesmaid played by a dear friend who was seeking retribution after I kicked her butt in the sword ring last time.)

People had their palms read (me included,) went on elephant rides, enjoyed the gorgeous weather and caught some wonderful music.

You never knew what you were going to stumble across around the next corner.

Seriously, if you’ve never gone to one? You’re soooo missing out.

(Penis straws not typically included.)


6 thoughts on “Bachelorette Tomfoolery

  1. I LOVE Renaissance Faires!!! I used to go to them all the time with my mother when I was younger, but for some reason Wes won’t go to one with me. They’re a blast!

    Good for your bridesmaids to throw you a bachelorette party to remember!

    • Oh, um… there really wasn’t much of a story? Per se?

      But we can make one up. Involving… a… er, fountain! A Fountain! and some… baked goods? And… a riding crop!

      Yes. Put those three together in an erotic fasion. GO.

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