A Preview

In case anyone in Blogland thinks that I’ve forgotten you,  that’s certainly not the case!!

We got home from our honeymoon late Monday night, after about 22 hours of travel (gag gag gag), and then spent yesterday dealing with ridiculous jet lag… But hello! I am a trooper! And back from the Emerald Isle with many many fabulous tales to tell. Tales of Adventure! Romance! Potentially broken feet! And sheep!

In short? It was EPIC.

Until I’m better able to form my words into interesting, coherent sentences, here are a couple of pics from the big day:

(courtesy of our professional photographer who, I’m convinced, studied at Hogwarts School of Photography.)

And one last, courtesy of my Mom, who manages to take great shots even when not wearing her glasses:


7 thoughts on “A Preview

  1. EEE!! EEEE!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more pics!! Would you like me to send you the ones I took? I did great until my camera battery died…. :-p

    Oh, and I also am very excited to hear about your honeymoon!!

    • That would be AMAZING, Roomie! We weren’t smart like you two and didn’t set up a site to share photos, so however you want to send them (or even facebook them) would be great!

    • Thank you, Jess! I want to see more of your pics!! I have a feeling that we may have been very close to wedding twins. 😉

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