New Last Name, Same Ol’ Slacking.

I was all ready to return from our honeymoon and launch into the requisite round of “recap” posts, even though I have no doubt that everyone is HEARTILY sick of wedding posts by now.

What I didn’t plan for was the absolutely soul-sucking exhaustion that follows the wedding and the honeymoon travelling, plus added lack of sleep from doctor’s visits due to my overwhelming klutzitude and the JET LAG OMG. As much as I am positively aching to go back to Ireland RIGHT THIS SECOND, I am totally going to research jet lag prevention. I need some solutions, other than, say, sleeping. Because we all know that I’m far too control-freak/anxiety-prone for THAT to happen.

(For the record, I did sleep! In my first moving conveyance EVER! Unfortunately, I was then awakened by bone-rattling turbulence that gave me “Castaway” style terror and was unable to get back to the blissful slumber that Army Boy was enjoying. Jerk.)(Look, we really are married, I am calling him “jerk” now.)(KIDDING.)

There is just so much to come back to following a wedding…*insert moaning about first world problems here* Plus our fun of combining name-changing errands with dr appts and returning to work, and a little more travelling for me this weekend.

All of this was to say that yes, I am figuring out a coherent way to share with you the sheer massiveness of the last three weeks. I am formulating and organizing and remembering what I deliberately kept from you on the pretext of being tricksy and not spoiling all of my secrets to those amazing friends who read the blog and were present at the big day. (Roomie, Angela and Danielle– I’m lookin’ at you.)

Even more than all that, I’m still figuring out what changed for us that day, as individuals and as a couple. Once the dust settles and the big event is over, are there changes? I don’t know if I didn’t expect there to be, since we were already co-owners of a home and “parents” to Wesley. In both of our minds, we were hardcore committed to each other the day that we signed our mortgage. Somehow, though, marriage is new. Having a husband, and being a wife… even in the first weeks, it’s meant giving up some control (OMG SO HARD) and realizing that even if I’m wearing a giant ugly walking boot on our honeymoon, he’s not going anywhere. In short? It’s awesome.

This weekend, we’re going to finally sit down and go through our honeymoon photos, start on our thank-you notes, get some SLEEP, and I’ll begin in earnest to write everything down. Both for all of you, and for Army Boy and I.

PS- You were all so lovely about the wedding photos, I decided to be a vain bitch thoughful and link to our photographer’s preview blog.  In case you wanted to see a couple more, yanno. (And yes, I AM playing Angry Birds, reading “The Help” and drinking Smirnoff Ice in the third photo down. Because we kept it Classy.)


3 thoughts on “New Last Name, Same Ol’ Slacking.

  1. Congrats again. The picture site keeps crashing my phone so I’ll check the computer later. But yes, things do change. Once we got engaged my now husband and I lived together through our twenty month engagement and even after all that time things changed. Not terribly or anything and in most ways for the better but that first married year was HARD. About the first 3 – 4 were hard. But you just don’t give up. We’re 6 years in now and things have been settled down for awhile now.

    All that to say that things will change and they may be hard at first. But of you hang on to each other through it, always communicate when calm and leave the room when things are getting out of control… you’ll be totally fine.

    Best wishes and good luck to you both.

  2. Squeeeeeee!!! I’m already in love with your pictures. You’re so sweet to link us to them…yet, it is kind of *mean* since it just leaves me wanting to see more! haha 🙂

    I still can’t get over how wonderful it was to see you. Scott & I had such a great time. AND we need to try to schedule some roomie time soon. Words cannot express how much I miss you!

    Looking forward to hearing about your fabulous honeymoon!

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