Our Wedding: The Details

I wish I could say that I wasn’t excited about finally unveiling all of the little details that went into our big day, but it was tough keeping them all quiet as we were spending hours crafting together. For the sake of not spoiling everything for our guests that read the blog, I did my best to stay hush-hush.

People who are more accustomed to posting about weddings typically say a wedding has a “theme” or an “aesthetic” that they’re going for. Whether it’s vintage, whimsical, steampunk… Yeah. My theme was “Use my colors and make it look pretty.” I think there was a healthy dose of New England Preppy thrown in there, but we dressed it up a little because of having an evening, ballroom wedding instead of a beachside clambake.  (Which would be totally awesome, btw. Navy and kelly green, anyone?)

The Welcome Bags:

Thanks to lots of time spent crafting in our college sorority, I had a vision for these almost immediately. They’d incorporate our colors and some kind of cute sticker (logo, initials, whatev), be tied with a pretty ribbon, and be packed with Pennsylvania-centric snacks. Not blow your mind original, but whatever. We make good junk food in this neck of the woods.

Once I wasn’t thrilled with the “wedding labels” I was finding online (re: mostly tacky), we went back to the drawing board and decided to incorporate the fact that we would literally be “tying the knot” during our handfasting ceremony. I searched for images of scrimshaw knots (which were also a nod to the preppy New England part of my multiple personalities), and used that in Zazzle to create our finished product. They turned out surprisingly well.

Treats in the bags included Utz potato chips, Snyder’s of Hanover pretzels, Tastycakes, and both Hershey and M&M products. We are (un)lucky enough to have both within 10 minutes of our house. (We even managed to find some navy and white ribbon with scrimshaw knots!)

We also included directions to the rehearsal dinner and sweet little door hangers ordered from Etsy. These were in our colors, and we chose the hydrangea design as a nod to our flowers and again to the “preppy New England” theme.

The Table Numbers:

These were straight up ordered from Dear Emma on Etsy. I loved the intricate design, rich colors and the art deco feel to them. Even though NOTHING else that we did was art deco, I thought they’d really pop against the flowers and the table cloths.

I’m so in love with these I’d love to use them to number our kitchen table every night. I may have a problem.


The Escort Cards:

The one lesson I learned from the wedding: Attempting almost anything pictured in Martha Stewart? HAHAHAHAHAHHA.


There was a gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard wedding pictured in one of the issues of Martha Stewart Weddings right around the time when we had to really start thinking about escort cards. The bride in this case had collected vintage postcards from the Vineyard (yanno… just for kicks?) and used them as escort cards. I was smitten.

I went on a scavenger hunt, trying to find vintage PA or Ireland postcards, but the more I looked the more I became convinced that it would be far too complicated and expensive to find enough cards for all of our guests. Even ordering them off Vistaprint would have been a greater expense than we were shooting for. Enter Etsy once again, who inspired me that I could totally make my OWN postcards with some cardstock and some stamps.

I had a lot of help from Army Boy on this one, and we’re pleased with how they came out. We coffee-stained ivory notecards, then stamped them with table numbers and hand wrote the guests’ names on them.

The cards were then tacked onto a large corkboard (as a nod to our venue) that Army Boy built for the purpose, and displayed at the reception on two easels.

The Placecards:

During one of our very early forays to the craft store, my mom noticed some wax seals and sealing wax. “Wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate these somehow?” she suggested. “You know, because you guys are all weird and Renaissance Faire-y and like that sort of thing?” Why yes, Mother. It would be fun. Rather than sealing our invitations, we decided to embellish the placecards with a wax seal. We even took it one step further and used wax in our colors, each color designating the guest in question’s entrée choice.


For something with high potential for burnination, these turned out surprisingly well. And again, I had to look past the ones that weren’t “perfect.” It “adds character.” (And they got pitched at the end of the night anyway.)

The Favors:

We got to use our little “logo” again on the favors, in the form of smaller stickers. From the beginning, we wanted to stick to an edible favor, as those seem to be the most popular with guests. Once we’d booked our honeymoon to Ireland, it gave us a nudge in the direction of UK-themed treats. In the end, we decided on Walker’s shortbread fingers at each guest’s place.

(The OCD part of me would like some props for not freaking out over the fact that the plaid packaging basically clashed with our color scheme and was mad confusing with the slightly nautical feel of the stickers. *breathing into a paper bag.* Ok, we’re good. Moving on.)

The Cake:

This is honestly for sheer gratuitiousness. All along, Army Boy and I had the same things as priorities for the cake- no fondant, and it had to be delicious. I know, you can do beautiful things with fondant and make a really stylish, beautiful cake. But if it’s not done “just so,” it’s more like eating sugary plastic, no matter how good the cake itself might be. Our cake certainly fit that bill- the tiers were alternating chocolate cake with rich chocolate mousse, and white cake with vanilla mousse, poached pears and black raspberries.

This is one of the areas I was almost lazy in my creativity, sticking with simplicity and relying on the florist and the pastry chef to carry out what I was hoping for. Up until a couple of weeks before the wedding, we were planning on having navy ribbon on each of the tiers, but the further we got in the planning process the more I found myself gravitating to the plain ivory icing. The cake stand is the hotel’s, but it happened to look great with the flowers and my colors, so I think the effect was pretty nice overall.

I thought that filling you in on all the details was a good place to start with our “Recap-aganza.”

Next time: I’ll finally stop teasing and tell you what we chose for the ceremony music (Hint: Some of you were right!) and readings.


2 thoughts on “Our Wedding: The Details

  1. 😀 I love hearing about the process of your choices. I thought everything came together beautifully. I thought your wax seals on the place cards were VERY clever, and I LOVE shortbread cookies. Edible flavors are great because people will actually do something with them besides chuck ’em in the garbage!

  2. Oooooh, so stylish! I love those welcome bags, I had a lot of fun imagining welcome bag contents when I wrote Bottle Your Brand’s blog, and I’d pretty much do exactly what you did if I re-planned my wedding. Also? Those door hangers are fantastic.

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