TxtingMrDarcy Gets PWNED: Giveaway Winner!!

Last week was such an amazingly fun week for me, and I hope that the rest of you enjoyed getting to know Erika Mitchell. She’s so incredibly fun and nice, and when she makes it BIG, I hope she remembers our first fireside chat/author interview. Because trust me, the Making it Big is coming.

First, thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! I know it wasn’t your typical, “leave a comment and we’ll pick you out of a hat,” type deal, and the entries we got were phenomenal. Since I couldn’t trust myself to judge objectively, I turned to our dear friends at Random.org and let them pick one of my commenters.

And now, the moment that we’ve all been waiting for…

Our winner is… CJHANNAS!!

To be totally fair, he did win with this doozy of an escape plot:

I won’t give you my Plan A (just in case…) but I think Plan B is just as promising.

First, I would put on a clown costume with full makeup. Not sure yet if I’m going sad clown or happy clown, but that may be a spur of the moment choice. The costume would not only obscure my face to lower the chances that someone recognizes me from a flyer, but would also give me a sort of natural cover since people are either indifferent to clowns or really terrified of them. Whatever the case, they’re taking at most a quick peek, then looking away.

Next, I climb on a moped and make for one of the borders, which would be decided by whichever I was closest to at the time. I think the plan works for either Mexico or Canada, and really, who wants to be mopeding for longer than they have to? The moped is so small the border inspection would be very quick, thus getting me out of the country that much faster.

In this age of social media and people taking pics/video of everything, the last thing a border guard wants is an extensive flow of posts showing them frisking a clown, so I would definitely get only a cursory examination. Plus as someone who has been described as able to come up with “extremely credible nonsense,” I dare the guards to challenge me to take off the face makeup and see how long I can argue it’s necessary to wear on religious grounds. Long story short, clown = no questions, no heroes, quick exit.

AMIRITE? It’s practically fool-proof. Though if that was Plan B, I WISH I knew what Plan A was. Perhaps it’s plot material for one of his future novels.

Congratulations, Sihrc!! (Ok, I tried… it doesn’t work quite as well as “Ben”)  Send me a message with your mailing address, and Erika will get your very own shiny copy of PWNED out to you.  I promise, we won’t send you any porn Taco Bell coupons  junk mail.


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