TMI About My Plan for 2012

Usually I’m not the type to really dwell on “resolutions” for the New Year. Perhaps because we hear so many tales of resolutions that fall by the wayside, they seem like a wasted effort. For every person that loses that 50 pounds by working out at the gym, 20 more people immediately regret that membership.

After 2011, the year that has seemed to be the most hectic EVER, I feel like 2012 is definitely going to be a year to slow down, take a breath, and make improvements. We’re already planning on funneling the resources that went into wedding planning for the last year into home improvements (Central Air that broke in Sept, I’m looking at you!), so why not focus the energy that I used for the above into making self improvements? As everything got busier and busier, certain personal hobbies and habits started to take a backseat.

If I were smart, I would pick just one of these things and stick with it, but honestly? I think they’re all equally do-able AND important.

NEW JOB.- Enough said.

Start Journaling– A month or so ago, Yezel pointed out this adorable little journal, and it was automatically added to my Christmas list. I used to spend time pouring my heart out into the pages of my journal, and though I can’t promise nearly that much time, I would enjoy having a reason to pause each night before sleep. Plus, being able to track five years in one book? Awesome!

Reach my Goal Weight– I did manage to lose a total of 16 pounds before the wedding in October, thanks to diet and exercise. That put me about 6 pounds away from my “goal” that I set when I started getting healthier last March. I’ve found that my body REALLY likes to hang out around a certain weight, and it takes a lot of discipline to get below it. We’ll see if my “goal” is realistic (It should be, but if my body likes a little bit of fluff I’m going to have to live with it.), and getting through the winter months without packing on some pounds will be a challenge! Which leads me to…

Get Back to Yoga– I admit it- I DID stop attending classes after the first session of 2011. Between the usual duties of having a house, taking care of a new puppy (who, at the beginning of this year was having some scary vaccine reactions and requiring extra care) and planning a wedding, I felt stretched to the limit. I SHOULD have kept up yoga just for the mental benefits, but sometimes I was SO. TIRED.

Make More Me Time– See, um, all of the above. Make sure that I’m getting what I need emotionally and mentally so that I’ll be a happier person overall. Take time out to paint my fingernails and feel girly, or take an hour to read that really amazing book that I want to read. Stop feeling like I have to go-go-go until I collapse in the evening. (Even if it means telling Army Boy, who tends to be more motivated and energetic when it comes to DOING ALL THE THINGS, that I need a BREAK. And not feeling bad about that.)

Keep the House Cleaner– I KNOW. It seems so “Mad Men” of me…. But our house is small, and when there’s any clutter it drives me NUTS.

There’s my list of the positive changes that are rattling around in my head for 2012… Do you make a habit of making resolutions? And more importantly… do you keep them?

Happy New Year to All!!


8 thoughts on “TMI About My Plan for 2012

  1. I agree about “resolutions” — such a connotation that it’s just something you say you’ll do, but not actually follow through with. Much prefer the statement of things you’re doing. This year for me that was responding to people in a timely fashion, rather than letting emails/texts/whatever sit for a week (or longer…) because I just didn’t feel like responding and then forgot. Now that’s just what I do. For 2012 it’s finishing my book, which is HAPPENING and thus can’t be a resolution. Happy New Year to you and your peeps!

    • I like your take in things as well- “things that are happening.” Good luck with finishing the book… and yanno, if you need anyone that, say, likes reading… say… I may know somebody like that. 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

      • I may be interested in a reader very soon 🙂 I have a main consultant, but after finishing the draft (hopefully in the near future) I will definitely be looking for other well-read opinions!

  2. I think your “resolutions” are completely reasonable and within reach! I wish I could get more into yoga…I always feel awesome after a session….

    My goal is to survive childbirth. After that happens, I’ll move on from there 🙂

    • Hi Jessica! Just saw your comment about surviving childbirth and wanted to encourage you: You’ll do great! No need to survive it. Having a newborn, however…Well, THAT you might want to prepare for… 😉

  3. I try to avoid resolutions because I’m more of an impetuous real-time goal kind of girl. If I don’t like how I look one day, I ruminate until I decide I’m in a place in my life where I can take on weight loss as a project. Then? BAM.

    Still, I like to establish my hopes for the new year. I make hopes, not resolutions, because a year is a long time and too much can change. If I can’t control the circumstances, I don’t wanna play.

    Still, I have hopes. Like finishing my zombie apocalypse book, having a healthy little baby, and losing a decent bit of the baby weight.

    Good luck with your goals!

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