January is typically the busiest time of year in the pharmacy world, as many health plans undergo changes that take effect on the first of the year. It seems that this year is even more hectic than most, and that plus a million other factors has contributed to my “non-resolution” in a previous post. If I have some time to write each day, it’s working on the novella the honeymoon story has become. (Seriously, who knew? And if it’s become horribly boring, you have my full permission to tell me to cease and desist.)

I HAVE been doing a lot of reading, however- not only of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy but of all of my favorite blogs, plus a few new ones. If you’ve noticed, my blogroll has gained a new category devoted solely to book blogs. These varied and wonderful bloggers (I’m as eclectic in my online reading as in my book choices) are a fabulous source of information and will probably make me a little bit poorer each month with their excellent recommendations. Raych at Books I Done Read and the fabulous ladies at Forever Young Adult (Twilight drinking games and champagne reviews, anyone?)  are most likely to make me cry-laff each day,  while Angela at Bookish and Kit at Books are my Boyfriends keep me intellectual.  I highly recommend you check them out. For all of the talk of books that I do over here, it’s a pretty big DUH that I didn’t find myself gravitating to the book bloggers sooner.

Otherwise, I’ve been keeping myself amused by watching Downton Abbey (Side Note: Ok Universe? I AM SO MAD THAT YOU DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT THIS RIGHT AWAY.  Because I am madly in love with everything about it. The cast, the plot, the dry wit and the clooooooothes, omg… If Matthew Crawley would be into some polygamy, I’d gladly invite he and Mr Bates to come live with Army Boy and I, that’s all I’m saying) and The Walking Dead. The latter is as much a shock to me as it is to everyone who knows me, as I’ve made no secret of documenting what a huge wuss I am. There’s something totally compelling it that makes me able to overlook the horror aspect and stick to the narrative as a whole.

So, there’s all that. Between the job, the job search, and the overwhelming desire to take the winter and hibernate, I’m around. Just not quite as talkative right now.



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