A PSA Brought to you by DON’T NAME YOUR KID THAT.

(The Scene: The Frat House, Friday Afternoon. The team is… working hard? Hardly workin’? You be the judge.)

Zena: I just found the name of my first-born child- Decembra.

Brooke: ….???!!!

Zena: Who loves winter?!

Brooke: You mean whoever named that child couldn’t just go with the obvious? Like April? May? Or June? Even March!! March-a March-a MARCH-A!

Zena: You? Are a freak.

Brooke: I am. But I am a SERIOUS freak. Julya- that’s Russian-ish. Augusta- Legitimate. There are so many months that could be potential girl-names, and you chose Decembra?!?!

Zena: I’m going to name my son GI JOE Lastname. Beat that. Nobody will fek with him….ever.

Brooke: I’m going to name MY son COBRA COMMANDER Lastname. He’ll make your GI Jane his bitch.

Zena: That IS badass. They’ll be man BFF’s.

Brooke: They will. And will compare their injuries all the time.

Zena: BRO-mance.

Brooke: And my daughter? Tits McGee Lastname. Why not just get right to the point? No matter what adorable name we end up choosing for her, someone down the road will be like ‘BOOBS.’

(End Scene.)


5 thoughts on “A PSA Brought to you by DON’T NAME YOUR KID THAT.

  1. As a teacher, I have a long list of dontnameyourkidthat. I like your names better. BUT there is a family at my school….mom’s name is December. Daughters are Wynter, Autumn, and Summer. Seriously. Not. Kidding. Beautiful girls, though!

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