This is Pretty Much Foolproof.

(Conversation via Text)

Brooke: So, Zena and I are going to become sex toy consultants. It’ll be a two-woman show.

Army Boy: HEEEEEYO!!!

Brooke: Not like THAT. Like… a comedy team.

AB: Pretty sure Wesley wants in.

Brooke: How would that work, exactly?

AB: He would do quality control. Yanno, check for durability and whatnot.

Brooke: I’m pretty sure women don’t want to know how long they can chew on their dildo before it’s unusable.

AB: Or whether or not a vibrator will withstand being buried in the yard?

Brooke: Would “Beagle-tested and approved” count as a good endorsement?

AB: It’s better than Kix .

Brooke: Now I’m lost.

AB: “Kid-tested, mother approved”??

Brooke: OHGOD.

(end scene)

**Edited to Add:

Zena: YES! Wesley should come!!

Brooke:  erm?

Zena: He would bring in the dog enthusiasts.

Brooke: “Wook at da puppy… doesn’t he make you want to buy a fake wang?”

Zena: Precisely.

(End Scene For Real This Time)


2 thoughts on “This is Pretty Much Foolproof.

    • The slogan will be, “America runs on sex” because..its true. Pink and orange slutty business cards to come.. …wait ew….no.

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