I’m Fairly Certain That I Was Born On The Wrong Continent.

It seems like the Summer Bug has bitten me earlier this year, as my posting has turned over more and more to book reviews and less and less to the sharing of feeeeeeeeeeelings and anecdotes and little witticisms from daily life. Don’t worry! Those are happening! I just… tend to forget about them soon after and then curse myself because remember that conversation about the stuff with the things?! That would have been so great for mah blawg!

We’ve also hit that wonderful stretch of the year comprising of far too many three-day weekends, leading my motivation during the work weeks to be close to nil. This year, we took time to work on our friends’ vineyard, which was a remarkable if back-breaking day. The next weekend was Army Boy’s birthday, then memorial day, and now my own birthday is rapidly approaching. There has been a LOT of good food and good times going on around here.

Ooo! This week is BEA (BookExpo America, for those who do NOT look at a conference revolving totally around books and publishing to be akin to Christmas), and I’ve decided to participate in Armchair BEA for the first time. Though I’m slackerlicious on the itinerary of posting, it’s been a blast to follow along and discover loads of new book bloggers along the way. To anyone who may have clicked over from there, *waves frantically and nerdtastically!*

The job search? Still ongoing. I can’t believe that we’re approaching a year since the “annual review” which led to my beginning to take steps to make a serious move. It is NOT a fun time to be looking to change jobs, especially when a number of potential employers think it’s totally fun to ignore your salary requirements and then act shocked when you decline their laughable “offers.” (Seriously, why would I really be interested in making $8,000 less a year than I am now? Where is the logic there??)

Perhaps as a direct response to my job search woes, I spent most of the month of May indulging in some fabulous dystopian reads. It wasn’t a conscious choice, but once I saw that I had a theme going I had no reason to stop. If we’re buds on Instagram, you’ve already seen my self-imposed theme for the month of June: All Royalty, All The Time.

It’s only natural that I should wish to vicariously celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in my own quirky way. (Aside from crashing on my couch in my pjs and forcing Wesley to watch every bit of coverage we could find. He might protest, but he was up with me at 5am for Will and Kate’s wedding, which I think says it all.) I’ve got some great reads lined up for this month, including the scandalous biography of Diana written by Andrew Morton, Untold Story by Monica Ali, “Sex with Kings…” by Eleanor Herman (“Sex with the Queen…” if I have time!), and if the birthday fairies are good, Elizabeth The Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch by Sally Bedell Smith.

PLUS! I have some NONFICTION mixed in there!! My third grade teacher would be so proud.

So, while I may WISH that I had been in London to watch the Flotilla (Dude, that’s been a party since the time of Henry VIII) and drink lots of things to the health of Elizabeth (and Prince Phillip, poor thing), I shall keep a stiff upper lip and pay tribute in my own way. Perhaps while wearing a jaunty hat. I am not sure about that part yet. It may push me a bit over the edge of “ridiculous,” non?


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