The Robsten Cheating Scandal: I Haz Thoughts

So… unless you live under a rock,* you’re aware that it’s come to light that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, her boyfriend of over three years, with the married director of Snow White and the Huntsman.

To which Twi-Hards around the world exploded into evil cheers of glee.

Both Kristen and said director, Rupert Sanders, have issued public apologies after being caught and photographed mid-indiscretion.

Aside from the obvious total awkwardness of the situation, there are quite a few things that, for me, just don’t add up.


Snarknaciousness aside, Kristen Stewart is really only “big” because of being cast as Bella Swan. She would have continued toiling away in relative obscurity if Catherine Hardwick hadn’t cast her in Twilight, opposite every woman’s vampire dreamboat. She then compounded that hand of awesome by dating Robert Pattinson. Unlike some of young Hollywood, they’ve been fairly private about their romance.

Suddenly, Kristen is off filming a movie in another country and decides that it would be a good idea to cheat with her married director? Whose wife and children are IN said movie?


You are a 22-year old actress on a movie set, and you can choose between Mr Directorpants and oh, I dunno… THOR.


You chose wrong, Kristen.

Likewise, you are a Horny Director with low self-esteem, and you want to cheat on your model wife. You’re on a movie set with Kristen Stewart and Charlize-Freakin’-Theron. Who do you choose?


Here’s a hint: “Kristen Stewart” is the WRONG answer.

Not only did they commit said indiscretion, but they got caught. And now both are publicly apologizing to their partners via the press. Whatever happened to discretion and handling family problems privately? Are the apology articles really necessary, and are they really going to save face by owning up to their dirty laundry in such a public forum? To reiterate, Kristen has gained the majority of her fame playing the lead role in a series targeted to teens and young women, and she’s publicly admitting cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. Damage control, methinks they’re doing it wrong.

At least Robert hasn’t been faced with the same type of temptation since the two started dating. He’s done a few movies, but not worked with any real hotties.


(And even if something did happen, he was discrete enough to make sure that the world never found out about it.)

Look, I don’t think any of us are naïve enough to think that Hollywood doesn’t get up to its fair share of fooling around. Unnaturally attractive people are thrown together for months at a time on a movie set, sometimes in extremely intimate circumstances. I’m a theater vet, I know these things. It can become very hard to discern the fine line between acting and real life sometimes, hence why show/movie set romances are so common. And lets not forget that though she tries to come off as worldly and mature, Kristen Stewart is a very young 22. (*checks for grey hairs*)

Just to recap:

Is Dating

And cheated with


And Not

DirectorPants could have cheated with

image via

But chose to get all lip-bitey with

And the Cheese stands alone.

Lovely, Lovely Sparkly Cheese.

*Under a rock = have an actual life and are not sucked into tabloid gossip like some of us**

 ** Us = Me.
(images from Google unless otherwise specified)


10 thoughts on “The Robsten Cheating Scandal: I Haz Thoughts

    • Interesting thought… especially because EVERYONE believed the romance with Robert Pattinson was a career move to begin with. Either she’s very shrewd, or very… not shrewd?

      • I doubt shrewd is as apt as animalistic. Most actresses strike me as the type that gravitate toward the most advantageous physical pairing available at any given moment.

  1. Becky’s right. I love it! I’m not particularly an RPatz fan, but my first thought was, “She cheated on the set of Snow White and it WASN’T with the Huntsman?? She’s nuts!”.
    I mean, he’s married with a kid too. That’s obviously her type.


  2. I’d like to think that Thor wouldn’t have touched Kristen even if she’d been interested, what with his wife and new baby and all. I’d also like to think Charlize is classy enough to keep her paws off a married man.

    Adultery is disgusting!!!

    • Oh it so is. And i certainly didn’t mean to come off as endorsing it in any way… Gotta love those Hemsworth men, they seem to have their priorities in order.

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