My Full-Blown Case of Anglophilia, and Some Big Changes.

There’s a little sports competition going on over in London right now, perhaps you’ve heard of it? Ah yes, the 2012 Olympic games… I have made absolutely no secret of my love of all things relating to the British Isles, so I was so lucky to be able to get down with my geeky self and send oodles and oodles of love to England while watching the Opening Ceremony.

I am uber-fortunate to have a husband who is understanding of my fascination, though I suspect that may have had to do with promises of the cocktails that were consumed while we watched.

Also: I admit to being TOTALLY bent out of shape when the ceremony-haters started popping up on Facebook and Twitter. Alas, that’s the danger of social media. I just didn’t really expect the Haterade when it came to the Olympic Opening Ceremony. You know, the celebration of the tradition of countries around the world coming together for some good old-fashioned sport?

Anyone who didn’t get a little choked up when they showed children’s choirs in each country singing has a heart of stone. That’s basically what I’m saying. It’s not about one-upmanship, and being “better” than Beijing- just appreciating the amazing show that played out for the world, and accepting the invitation to share in the festivities that was so graciously offered.

JK Rowling, the Queen skydiving, Mr. Bean and Kenneth Branagh didn’t hurt either.

About six months ago I mentioned in a post that I was so disappointed that it didn’t look like I was going to be able to attend BlogHer this weekend in NYC. Amy and I were going to finally live it up with the people we’ve been following for all these years, and were totally going to rock it out at Sparklecorn.

And then our central A/C unit died, killing my trip.

In the long run, my not being able to go to BlogHer has been a GOOD thing. Amy just started a new job, and is away in Florida training this week.

And Operation New Job has FINALLY paid off for me. I start my new position tomorrow, which would have been a lot to take in after a weekend of partying in the City that Never Sleeps. (Especially based on the amazeballs photos that have been appearing on Instagram all weekend!)

I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that everything happens for a reason, even if it seems really strange and inconvenient at the time.

I’m even more sure of that after my last day at my old job.  Yes, my coworkers were amazing and blew out all the stops to make sure that I felt appreciated and knew that I’d be missed. After almost five years with the same group of quirky fun people, it was hard not to get choked up multiple times throughout the day. Bidding farewell to the Frat House and the Lego Block of Doom was really surreal when it actually came time to leave.

However, some new developments came to light that REALLY reinforced that now is the time for me to make my move, and that even if I hadn’t been on the move out now, I’d definitely be in a hurry to find something, ANYTHING else. The company was making some big changes, and my department barely resembled what it was when I was hired.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing for me was that once I gave my notice, nothing was said or done to attempt to keep me. There was no discussion regarding the unhappiness that had prompted me to start looking for a new position, and no searching for a solution to the fact that there was little potential for advancement. After giving them five years, I basically got a “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

So yes, this is a good move for me. I’m going to be gaining experience in some new areas that will definitely increase my marketability in the long run. I’m taking an entry level job that pays as well as my old one, and offers the potential of a promotion. The possibility of earning some overtime is appealing as well. Kids, don’t buy the myth that they’re selling you. Being “Salary” isn’t necessarily the way to go anymore. It’s a way for companies to trap you at an absurdly low rate of pay and expect you to work overtime without any additional compensation.

This will obviously mean some changes for Army Boy and I, notably a vastly different work schedule for me and six weeks of training. It will also greatly cut back on the time that I can spend visiting my favorite blogs each day, and I will miss stopping by and seeing what is happening in the lives of all of my Internet friends. Fortunately, that’s only temporary, and I’m going to make every effort to keep up with regular posting and commenting in the evenings.

I wish that I was sharing this to say “I have finally made the step where I get to do nothing but read all day and write while wearing my fancy uniform of yoga pants and Life is Good,” but that could still definitely be on the horizon.


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