Happy Super Bowl Sunday, any and all faithful readers who continue to check my poor neglected blog despite months of radio silence.

I wanted to crank up my line to the Interwebs a little early this week to let you know that I’ve been scheming with Erika Mitchell again, and we have an exciting week planned for the release of her new book!! *Squee!!*

Please check back Tuesday for my review of Blood Money, as well as links to buy your own copy. Wednesday, I’ll have an exclusive interview with Erika herself, which I couldn’t be more excited about.

Just to further entice you, here is a photo of Henry Cavill, shirtless.

henry cavill

He does not appear in the book, but this is not at all gratuitous. Not at all.


Update for those Male readers*:


*-Yes, CJHannas. I’m talking to you. That’s as gratuitous as I could get with an Olympian… but gotta give the girl credit. She looks cute in a swimming cap. (Bathing cap? Diving cap? Head-swimmy water-maker-faster-thing?)

(Image via here)


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