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In case you stumbled upon this blog searching for Online Dating advice, or dating advice in general, I’ve compiled all my posts on the topic on one page. Not because I think they’re particularly brilliant or profound, but they may at least give you a laugh if you’re currently considering using online dating, or are in the middle of it and wondering why you seem to attract the basement dwellers.

What, that was only me?

Yes, I am a survivor of online dating.

No, I didn’t meet my fiance using one of the THREE sites that I tried.

If you’re considering it, by all means, go for the gold.Β  Even if you don’t meet “the one,” you’re setting events in your life in motion that will take you to where you need to be. Good luck. πŸ™‚

Online Dating Posts:
“If All Else Fails, Pay Someone.”– The beginning of my personal adventures with online dating
“Online Dating: Take One”– A review of the matches I found using service number one*
“Online Dating, Take Two”– The pros and cons of Service number two.
“Online Dating, The Final Frontier”– A review of service number three (Hint, They’re “The Big One”)
“Guide to Online Dating”– Having trouble finding “quality” matches? Try some of these tricks. πŸ™‚

*- Online Datings services are identified using not-remotely-tricky pseudonyms.

General Dating Advice/Anecdotes:

“The Myth of the Marriage Potential Resume”~ Forget about their “stats”. No, seriously.
“The Ultimate Date Litmus Test”~ I should probably patent this. Please try it sometime.
“An Inspired Idea”~ A Letter to my 21-year-old Self. Assuring her that dating gets EASIER.
“And Here We Go Again”~ Sick of going on first dates? I was too. But it could always be worse…
“What Lies Beneath”~ In which I decide that new underwear is the secret weapon I’m looking for.
“I’ll Keep the Bodice Rippers”~ What? Romance Novels are unrealistic?! You don’t say…
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”~ Has your guy dated a “crazy” chick? Guess what? They ALL have. Apparently.
“Being a Good Friend is Kinda Hard, Actually”~ Part One- Don’t ignore that little voice telling you to head for the hills. It’s usually right.
“Friendship, Part Deux”~ Part Two- The Books that every single woman should read, whether she wants to or not.

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