Review: The Titan’s Curse

Review: “The Titan’s Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 3)”~ Rick Riordan

Why is it that I seem to have the most fun reading books aimed at the middle school boy demographic? First Harry Potter, and now Percy Jackson. It’s enough to make me consider therapy, really. Except not.

TxtingMrDarcy Notes Version: In the third book of the series, we follow Percy on another cross country roadtrip where more encounters with monsters and crazy shenanigans ensue. He gets some visits from the gods as well, meeting up with Artemis and her band of immortal Hunters before being charged to accompany them back to Camp Half-Blood as Artemis goes monster hunting.

One of his closest friends (and potential love interest? I’m seriously getting that vibe at this point) Annabeth goes “missing”, but Percy sees her in his dreams and realizes that she’s in serious trouble. She’s been captured by Luke, a former resident of Camp Half Blood who is now working for the evil Kronos and a new baddie, The General.

A team of heroes is chosen to set out to rescue Annabeth and search for Artemis, and Percy isn’t among them. However, by some twist of fate he ends up accompanying them and more hijinks ensue. Percy deals with some serious attitude from Thalia, the daughter of Zeus, as well as Zoey Nightshade, one of Artemis’ hunters. Their destination: San Francisco, where Annabeth’s father is living and everyone is being held hostage, shouldering the burden of Atlas.

Verdict: While similar to the first couple of books (with a road trip of sorts just laden with bad guys), the formula works for Riordan. Plopping mythical monsters in modern settings adds a new layer of fun to the stories.

The humor is pitch perfect, both for kids AND adults. I found myself chuckling out loud through the whole book- from Dionysus making snarky comments and trying to cover them up with statements like “oh! Pinot noir is making a comeback!” to Apollo being a heart-throb who is obsessed with making bad haikus. And don’t get me started on their trip to the Hoover Dam. Think National Lampoon. With Zombies.

It was an extremely fun read, and I’m glad that I got into the series. They’ll be great to save for future Little Army Boys. Or Little Brookes. Whichever.

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