Review: Angelology

Review: “Angelology”~ Danielle Trussoni

I read the review for this book in a recent issue of People magazine, and couldn’t possibly resist it. It may have in part been that I was less than thrilled with the novel that I was reading, some “serious adult literature”.

I am tempted to blame the “Twilight Saga”. I swear that I got stupider reading them and haven’t gone back. Young adult lit is almost all that can hold my attention half the time. Perhaps it’s that the stories are meant to be engaging, to get them there young folks away from their Twitter and their Facebook and their MP3-majiggers. With quality entertainment like “16 and Pregnant” and “Jersey Shore” on the boob tube, who would want to read, anyway?

The plot of “Angelology” piqued my interest- Angels? Still alive? And not so great? Add in the selling points “historical thriller” and I’m basically sold.

TxtingMrDarcy Notes Version: Sister Evangeline has been a resident at St Rose’s Convent since she was 12, living a peaceful, protected life of prayer and tending to the convent library. Everything changes (cliché- DRINK!) the day she receives a request to visit the convent’s library from a young man seeking a connection between the Abbess and a matriarch of the Rockefeller family.

Verlaine has been hired by an extremely wealthy, extremely ill man to research the historical connection between Abigail Rockefeller and the St Rose Convent. He doesn’t realize that he is in fact working for a Nephilim- a half human, half angel hybrid that has existed among men since the dawn of creation. The Nephilim are mysteriously becoming ill, and believe that locating a mythological artifact will be the cure that they need.

When Evangeline receives Verlaine’s request, she finds the information that he requires, only to be pulled into a world that she never knew- a constant struggle between humans and angels. She discovers that one of the sisters living in the convent with her is a noted Angelologist- one who studies the history, geneaology, art and artifacts of the angels in an attempt to rebel against their desire to rule the human race.

These characters don’t realize that just by their being aware of each other’s existence will spark further conflict in a war that has been quietly raging just beyond mankind’s notice for centuries.

Verdict: I WISH that I could reveal more, but I feel that doing so could ruin some of the fun of reading this book. It has layers within layers, and the mixture of art, history and religious mythology is intoxicating. The ending is completely and utterly unexpected…Some of the reviews on sites like Amazon™ have been less than favorable about character development and pacing (the book takes place over a short period of time), but I personally didn’t mind it at all. It brought to mind “The DaVinci Code” in that aspect, that a huge amount happens very quickly. That’s all I’ll say. Definitely a must-read.


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