More Scenes From The Bedroom: Roses are… Black?!?

(Scene: Valentine’s Morning. Army Boy surprised me with an arrangement of red roses, and a bottle of wine, along with a little bag of treats.)

Brooke: Wow, those are so gorgeous! I didn’t think of flowers… just, ya know. Since we’re concentrating on the house and such.

Army Boy: It’s our first Valentine’s day, though. I wanted it to be special.

(kissing, gross ew ew ew)

Army Boy: Do you like red roses? They just struck me as most appropriate.

Brooke: Because you loooooove me.

AB: Well, I didn’t want to get yellow to be all “Happy Valentine’s Day, Buddy!”

Brooke: True. I could see that…

AB: What do you think of pink? I couldn’t figure out what they “meant” and wasn’t sure about mixing pink and red.

Brooke: I think pink just represents ‘being female.’ Grace, gentleness, blah di blah.

Army Boy: What do black ones represent then?

Brooke: ?!?

Army Boy: Yeah, they had black roses. I assumed it was a goth thing. Like, “I am dreaming of eternal torment and misery with you.”

(Brooke laughs her ass off. Again. End Scene.)


4 thoughts on “More Scenes From The Bedroom: Roses are… Black?!?

  1. I love Army Boy!! Enjoy it now. Hubs and I did nothing for V-day. We said happy valentine’s day but, yeah, pretty much it. The love and fire is still there, but apparently we’re past the point of actually symbolizing it… it would be nice, though… you know… sometimes.

  2. That was very sweet of him…but I think he could have made this like kick ass bouquet of red, pink and black and been all, “Here, it represents my love(red) for my girl(pink) who will kill(black) me if we don’t get this stuff done on the house soon!” *giggle*

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